my evening routine with RITUALS

in winter my skin needs kind of an extra kick- so what could be better than treating yourself with the lovely products from RITUALS.

everytime I go to a RITUALS shop I have to hold myself back because otherwise I would be broke in a second (at least I would smell like heaven).

so as I said before – wintertime is pampertime.

when I get home from work in the evening I immediately run myself a hot bath using the heart warming bath oil from the ritual of anahata >> this is my favourite smell in the cold month – in other months I use the rituals of sakura. it calms me down and gives me a nice downtime all by myself.


before I get in the bath I usually pamper myself with the RITUALS wonder mask – as it says – it really works wonders! I let the mask sink in while I enjoy my bath and read a book or scroll trough Instagram.


for the ultimate soft skin feeling I use the body scrub from the ritaul of sakura, scrub it all over my body and wash it off with hot water.


after my warming bath I treat my skin with the ritual of anahata body cream and my face with the moisture recovery night cream from the RITUALS standard collection. to  finish off my evening routine I spray on some of the ritual of anahata heart soothing body mist.



what is your favourite product to use during wintertime?
I’d love to hear from you ❤

Maruschka x

Ein Kommentar zu “my evening routine with RITUALS

  1. Gorgeous photography for this post! They seem like really nice products I’ll have to try them out! My blog doesn’t do yours justice at all, but check it out if you’d like! I’m a beginner.

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