december favourites

I’m a bit late to the party – I know. but I didn’t wanna miss the chance to show you guys some of my favourite bits and bobs from december.

for me there’s no better month than december – fairy lights, mulled wine, christmas trees and happy  people everywhere ❤

this year I enjoyed december like never before because I already bought (most of) my christmas presents in november – so I could spend this month with buying a huge christmas tree, decorate the house, meet some old friends, enjoy delicious food, read a book in front of the chimney and pamper myself.

so I had a lot of time to find a good selection of beautiful products for my monthly favourites post.

let’s start with some beauty essentials! the enhanced eye set from Real Techniques has every brush you need to create any eye look: medium shadow brush, essential crease brush, fine liner brush, shading brush, lash separator and a brush cup that keeps your  brushes organized on your counter.


my personal favourite definitely is the essential crease brush! I like to use a slightly darker colour to emphasize the socket, I just let the brush go back and forth and as Sam & Nic always say „let the brush do the work“ and yes >it clearly does<


the other brushes are amazing aswell and ever since I treated myself with them, there was no day I didn’t use at least one of them. the only thing that didn’t really convice me was the lash separator… the separator sticks are made of metal and this feels quite rough. all in all the enhanced eye set is absolutely a must have for all the makeup lovers out there.

going to my fashion treasure… early december I tried to find the perfect boots for the annual office christmasparty and scrolled trough the Zalando website with no clue what I really wanted. then I saw them and I >loved< them!


the Tom Tailor boots with a glittery sequin heel are the most comfortable boots I have ever had the pleasure to wear! the heel is doubtless the highlight of the shoe but the faux leather look is very decent aswell. as I already said it fits perfectly, is super comfy and grades up every casual outfit – so no surprise I bought them straight away.

now last, but by no means least: I found my ultimate cookbook love of the year! although I only recived this book as a christmas gift I already cooked about ten or even more recipes! it’s the Jamie Oliver 5 INGREDIENTS.


there are loooads of easy recipes in there and every single one I already tried was truly delicious. the book comes with the following chapters: salads, pasta, eggs, chicken, fish, veg, beef, pork, lamb, rice & noodles and sweet treats so every taste will find the perfect recipe! what’s mostly satisfying is: you can find most of the ingredients in your local supermarket and you don’t have to stress your way trough the city to find any super specific things.


so as you could tell: this book is going to be my daily helper in the kitchen and I can’t wait to try out more – thank you Jamie!

did you discover something you love in december? tell me more about your favourites! I’d love to hear from you ❤

Maruschka x








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