happy Valentine’s Day

every year around this time the shops and online stores are going crazy with promotions for the upcoming Valentine’s Day… hearts, roses, pink and red literally EVERYWHERE!

personally I absolutely adore every chance to celebrate anything! so I am definitely pleased with one day more to have a reason for it. but I guess this is not what the majority thinks of this day… nevertheless I wanted to share some of my Valentine’s Day date ideas and the present I’ll give to my soon-to-be-hubby (first time I’m happy about him not reading this blog ;-))

let me start with the gift for my love: this year it was quite an easy decision to make! Indivinuum is a small business from Bern, Switzerland that sells wine with personalised labels; as we love us a good wine and Marcello is obsessed with custom-made stuff this was the perfect one for him! Not only the decision what to give him was easy – the process to order -YOUR- bottle of wine was even easier!

Website 3


so infact you can choose from 12 diverse labels (they launched three labels for Valentine’s Day and they are loooovely!!) and three different wines – first I was a bit confused about the little selection of wine, but as I’m not a sommelier it made it much easier for me to make the desicion >> especially because they had one of our favourite wines „Valpolicella Classico Superiore“!


ok now let’s talk about date ideas! I’m not veeeery inventive when it comes to dates…       I love going out in a fancy restaurant or just have a relaxing spa day. but we try to treat ourselfs with a more extra date once a month – we organise our date night alternately and it’s always a surprise – THIS is doubtless my favourite day of every month! so I thought I might share two of our date nights with you (it wasn’t a Valentine’s Day date – but I’m sure that doesn’t matter anyway!).

mr foto 3

if you have a short budget or don’t want to spend a lot of money for Valentine’s Day this idea might be the one for you: build a tent with blankets and furniture and have a picnic.
this sounds totally random and maybe even a little childish – but trust me, he or she will love it! it’s super simple and you both will feel absolutely comfy and have an amazing time!

mr foto 2

the second date idea is quite soppy: recreate your first date. Marcello and me had our first date five years ago – so it was actually pretty hard to remember everything we did that day. our „second first-date“ was truly amazing – we talked, we danced, we laughed and we had the funniest and sweetest date ever!

mr foto 4

whatever you do on Valentine’s Day, if it’s a date with your love, a spa treatment with your bestie, a cinema night all by yourself – just make sure you enjoy yourself!

do you have any favourite date activities or any ideas for a cute gift?

I’d love to hear from you!
Maruschka x


Indivinuum provided me the wine, but be sure I would never write about something I don’t like!






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