my lush experience

the ones of you who follow me on Instagram (@maruschkarossi) will know, that I am a Lush addict! after a hard day of work there’s nothing that I enjoy more than a beautiful loooong „me-time“ in the bath – and the fragrances and colours of Lush products are just INSANE ❤

I got in contact with the lovely members of Lush Switzerland and was one happy chicken when they invited me in their store to get the ultimate lush experience!

the gorgeous Kamalia gave me the most amazing VIP tour and told me more about all the products. I was reeeally impressed by her – I’m terrible in remembering things – she was absolutely amazing! every product has it’s own story and she fabled these stories sooo good ❤


as I already mentioned – I’m a mess in remembering things – but I really wanted to show you my all time favourite products from Lush. btw > this post is not sponsored by Lush,  but they kindly offered me some products.

I obviously have to start with bathbombs! in fact I never ever tried a Lush bathbomb I didn’t like, but my recent fave is „tisty tosty“. the scent is absolutely amazing and the shape very lovely. seven rosebuds burst from the spellbinding pink heart as you breathe in Sicilian lemon oil, geranium and sensual jasmine – truly amazing!


the second product is one I only started using by the beginning of this year – but it’s definitely one of Lush’s treasures! the hot oil treatments are unquestionably going to be part of my hair routine. with extra virgin olive oil to increase tensile strength and almond and avocado oils to deeply moisturize, your hair will be ready for whatever you have planned for it next. Guar gum reduces static and vanilla absolute lightly perfumes locks for irresistibly touchable hair.



last but by no means least: the charity pot. as an official Lush addict I can hardly believe I did not know about this beforehand! the charity pot is a hand and body lotion with a difference. 100% of the proceeds (minus sales tax, which goes to the government) are donated to independent, grassroots charities that support human rights, animal welfare and environmental protection. just the fact that they support diverse charities is absolutely amazing – but the lotion is perfect as well! after only a few times of using it my skin felt very smooth, soft and smelt gooooorgeous. it’s a win-win!


all in all I was surprised how many products I didn’t even know! Lush is definitely more than bathbombs and soaps – it’s a company that cares about animals, people in need and about the environment itself > I am charmed ❤

what are your favourite products? I’d love to hear from you ❤

Maruschka x



5 Kommentare zu „my lush experience

  1. I’ve visited the lush shop in bern too one week ago. Well me being a slow typical swissperson who needs time to think, I was really talked dead until I bought something at lush just that the talking would stop. Couln’t even see the charity-pots or the bathbombs you wrote about. The service was just too much for me to handle, I mean the seller was super friendly but she just talked so much to me in 2minutes that it took me a straight 10minutes after leaving the store, to precess what just had happenend. Litteraly felt mindfucked 🤗😂

    Gefällt mir

    1. oh – sounds like the staff was a bit too friendly. I always ask them to let me have a look around all by myself and tell them I will call them if I need help – (normally) works perfectly well 🙂 hope you’ll find more time to have a look around next time!

      Gefällt mir

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