my favourite breakfast spots in London

a few weeks ago my sister and I went to London for a little vacation – we’ve been there quite a few times, so there was no need to see all the „touristy things“ in London. we went shopping, walked through parks, visited museums, went to Brighton and most of all we enjoyed some delicious meals.


when it comes to vacations I’m always the one who plans everything. and by planning I mean spending 1000 hours on pinterest and find the most amazing looking food spots. and as breakfast is my fave meal of the day I wanted to share my experience with you!

let me start with the farm girl – it’s a cute little cafe in Notting Hill where you can warm-up after a lovely walk through Portobello Road.


the staff is super friendly and the service very quick! I’m actually -very- basic when it comes to breakfast > give me some avo on toast and I’m happy all day long (until I get hungry again). but this avocado-toast was one of my absolute favourites ever! there is A LOT of guacamole on the most delicious bread and the sprinkle of pomegranate makes it just perfect! we ordered an avo on toast and a juice each and an açai bowl to share – we were a little disappointed by the juice… it wasn’t really fresh and pretty small for the amount it costs! but the açai bowl was delicious aswell – we will absolutely come back to this cool place!


so one day we took the train to Brighton and had the most delicious breakfast EVER! therefore the next spot isn’t in London but definitely worth the one hour train ride.

the six Brighton is like one of the best breakfast spots I have ever been to (in the whole wide world)! their menu is incredible, they have so many options and -everyone- will find the perfect bit to eat or drink! it’s surrounded by cute little shops and very close to the sea. another YES is that it’s very reasonably priced – could it be any better?



the third spot I wanted to show you is one of the most instagramable places I’ve visited. it’s the Élan Cafe at 48 Park Lane – a cute little cafe close to Hyde Park with SO MANY super yummy treats and delicious healthy options.


it was super busy when we arrived but we were lucky enough to get the last table downstairs. to be honest with you; the staff wasn’t very friendly, we had to wait AGES until our food arrived and it’s actually quite expensive – BUT what arrived was excellent. everything tasted and looked absolutely AMAZING!



we were actually quite full after the breakfast, but the sweet treats at the entrance of the cafe looked too good not to buy one for later (and by later I mean right after we left the cafe).

where’s your favourite breakfast spot? I’d love to hear from you ❤

Maruschka x


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