Spring, we need you NOW!

EDIT 1: Funny how I wrote this post more than a week ago and almost thought it would be to late to share it because spring has already arrived – I’m now writing an edit because it’s freezing 2°C outside and I’m a little bit worried if we can shoot the photos for this post without freeze to death…

EDIT 2: ok we’re all good – it’s now sunny and kinda warm outside! I’m not going to die in the cold…

I guess at this point we are ALL ready for spring! the mornings getting brighter, the birds twittering out loud, the air smelling all fresh – every year I fall in love again.


I fall in love with my fiancé, smiling people on the street, kids who run all over the field enjoying their lifes as never before, flowers blooming everywhere and mostly I fall in love with cute spring outfits in all the bright colours and lovely shapes.


this year in January I felt like I needed spring as soon as possible and my first intuition was to order a bunch of light, colourful dresses on ASOS. I had in mind, that we’ll be on our honeymoon in May and I needed some cute outfits for Bali.


so there was this wonderful coloured midi dress on asos – I >instantly< fell in love! the pastel tones are perfect for a candle light dinner at the beach and I can already imagine wearing it with some simple heels. it’s actually an ASOS TALL dress – with 166cm I am definitely not a tall girl – but it fits me perfectly well.



you don’t always need something spectacular to look good – this cute mini smock sundress with tie straps is the proof! it’s super simple but >very< cute. I see myself wearing it for a nice walk on the beach, barefoot or with flat sandals, sunnies and a headscarf wrapped around my messy bun.




last but by no means least – another one of my faves: the floral! I love a nice floral dress for spring, summer and even autumn! this off-shoulder midi dress with a lovely sunflower print is my idea of a perfect spring dress. it’s super flattering, has some nice little details and feels SO good on! I’m definitely gonna wear this for a trip to some rice fields with a straw hat, sunnies and my white converse – comfy and stylish – that’s a crystal clear YES!



I can’t wait for our honeymoon to happen soon – BALI I’m so ready for you!

Do you have any favourite clothing items for spring? I’d love to hear from you ❤

Maruschka x


This blogpost is not sponsored or gifted.



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