lip products – my top picks

ever since I started to use make-up, lip products have always been my favourite part of it! even tough I >really< love these products it took me quite a long time to write this blogpost… over the past few years my collection has grown to a fair amount and that made it SO hard for me to pick my absolute favourites to talk you through.



let me start with something I discovered recently: lip powder! why didn’t I know this before?! this is an absolute game-changer! my two top picks in lip powders are the one from Artdeco and the Clinique one. they are weightless, highly pigmented, silky smooth and coat your lips in a lovely mat finish. for both of these powders I use a lip balm as a base then I apply the Artdeco lip powder with my fingers and the Clinique lip shadow with the sponge. it’s super easy and both of the products last for a loooong time – exactly what you want.



now to my all-time-favourite – the L’Oréal colour riche lipsticks are dreamy! they hydrate your lips, feel super nice, are easy to apply and they sell them in more colours than you could ever want!


I’ve got like a million different ones and love my every day pick is the „231 – Sepia Silk“ – it’s the perfect nude shade and goes with almost everything. if I had to choose one lipstick to have forever, I’d choose this one!



another favourite of mine has been the Bourjois Rouge Velvet Lipstick; a smooth, lightweight lip colour that delivers a non-drying, high-pigmented finish. the velvety formula coats your lips with long-wearing, sumptuous colour that lasts forever. as you will know I am definitely a snack person – these lipsticks survive my snack attacks – absolutely gorgeous. they are available in various shades and I really love them all but the „08 – Rubi’s cute“ I cherish the most.




this is just a small choice of my everyday lip products – I could have written about this topic forever but these are the ones I appreciate the most.

what are your favourite lip products? I’d love to hear from you!

Maruschka x



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