what’s in my bag

I’m handbag addicted.

this is how my husband would start this blogpost about me and my bags. I wouldn’t say it like this, I’d rather start like „I truly love the different shapes, styles and colours of bags“ – what, to be honest, means exactly the same but in a much nicer way to say…


I have got a lot of bags but I didn’t own one single backpack – until now. and the story of me buying it is funny and sad at the same time: me and my boyfriend (it was the week before the wedding) went shopping and I saw these beautiful sandals – he absolutely >hated< them! as I was walking around the shop, wearing the sandals to try how they fit, I saw this cute little bag from David Jones and absoutely fell in love with it. as I already told you, it was the week before the wedding and everyone who’s already married knows, a wedding costs tons of money. so he knew I only wanted to buy one thing and he hated the sandals so much! therefore he told me how cute this backpack looks on me and how much he bloody loved it – so I went for the bag and left the shoes behind. later on he told me that he didn’t really like the backpack either but it just wasn’t as bad…


anyway – I got this very cute bag and I absolutely love it! it’s beautiful, high quality and very practical. now I wanna show you what’s in this beauty:

Fritzi aus Preussen purse
I bought this kind of purse >years ago< at Zalando and ever since then I never had another one. well I rebought it in different colours but always in the same style.
Fritzi aus Preussen is a German brand and I really love their bag and purse collection. they have the most beautiful colours and more shapes/styles you could ever wish for.


Samsung Galaxy S9
as a blogger my phone is always in reach. almost every photo on my instafeed is shot on my Galaxy S9 – the camera is absolutely brilliant and it’s so freaking fast > amazing!

my key are straightforward: house, letterbox, my parents house, office and bicycle. but whats more important: my key chains! both of them are presents from my husband – I got the lion king chain years ago for my birthday (he bought me tickets to see the musical) and the R2-D2 was a „middle-of-the-year-I-love-you-gift“. it used to have a lamp but it doesn’t work anymore and the colour is almost gone but I still love it so much.


Zoella make-up bag
this bag is, or to be honest, was super cute until I used it so much, took it everywhere and had it in so many bags. but still – it’s useful and the slogan is funny! in my make-up bag I carry these bits and bobs around: NARS tinted moisturizer in the shade Alaska, mini Hoola bronzer, mini they’re real mascara & ka-brow eyebrow cream-gel from Benefit, brush from Real Techniques and my all time favourite lipstick from L’Oréal in the shade 231.


ever since I started blogging my notebook is always with me. most of the ideas for my blogpost are in this book and I like to write my first thoughts about the topic in it. and maybe I should mention that I’m very oblivious – so that’s another reason to carry it around.

to be honest… there are A LOT of bobby pins, some tissues and quite a fair amount of dust and crumbs in it – but that’s just to embarrassing to share!

what are your bag essentials? I’d love to hear from you ❤

Maruschka x




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