wedding skin routine ¦ lavera

I may have mentioned it a few times (or in almost every single blogpost)… I got married on may the fourth this year. it was truly a wonderful day and I couldn’t wait to finally show you guys some photos and share my wedding skin routine with you.



a couple of months ago the company Laverana (brand Lavera) came in touch with me to announce their new product range: anti pollution. as it was a few weeks until my wedding I was a little bit sceptical to try out something new for my skin – because I wanted it to look perfect on this day!


the company Laverana can be described in just a few words: made in Germany, in the Hanover region, certified natural cosmetics are produced in a closed value-added competence chain. Production is carried out preserving natural resources, with respect for human beings and nature. Long story short: after reading their website it didn’t take long to convice me about using these natural products as my wedding skin products.


good thing I tried it – my skin was absolutely fantastic on my wedding day.
for a fresh and radiant complexion I used the hydro effect cleansing balm in the evenings to take off my makeup (except off my eyes). the silky, creamy gel texture encapsulates sebum and dirt particles and removes them without damaging the skin barrier – my skin felt fantastic!


after the cleansing I always need a moisturizer to make sure my skin doesn’t dry out. to be honest… I used the day cream both in the evenings and mornings and I bloody loved it! the composition of active ingredients of the lavera hydro effect day dream with an anti-pollution complex (of organic algae and natural antioxidants) slows down environmentally induced skin ageing – the result is just dreamy.



I used the hydro effect serum as well as the face mask only sporadically but you could definitely use the serum once a day (in fact I’m just to lazy to be bothered with a lot of products in one day…). but even if I didn’t use it daily I really liked the effect ❤


the result of using these products a couple of weeks long was me being super comfortable in my skin and >very< happy on my wedding day!

what is your daily skin care routine? I’d love to hear from you ❤

Maruschka x




this blogpost is not sponsered, Laverana kindly sent me the products mentioned.
wedding photo credits:




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