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I kind of grew out of alcohol – saying this while writing about a brand that only sells alcohol is definitely a bit weird but I just came to the conclusion that drinking alcohol in bigger amounts is just not my thing!

don’t get me wrong; I absolutely love a glass of red wine to drink with a nice dinner or a glass of prosecco to clink glasses with my friends but I just don’t like getting drunk and I hate it even more when I’m hungover – so the easiest way to avoid that is to drink less alcohol – obviously.


and I feel like a lot of people in my age or even younger feel the same way but are just not as confident enough to say no, because „the others“ could think you’re a slowcoach or as I like to say a „plain yogurt“… luckily I don’t give >a lot< on others opinion in this aspect, so if I’m not in the mood for drinking alcohol, I’ll just order a virgin Mojito or a Coke Zero instead and that doesn’t make me a „plain yogurt“ at all. it just makes me confident enough to say „nah, not tonight“ and to be honest this really adds the granola and fruits to your plain yogurt, doesn’t it?


anyway as I really love to have a cold drink I wanted to mix things a bit up and tried to find some summer recipes with or without alcohol.

the grapefruit fizz
I really love the sweet and bitterness of a grapefruit but I wanted to add a little twist, so I went to my moms herb garden and tried out a variety of herbs until I found the perfect one: rosemary! I didn’t belive how good it tastes until I tried it – it’s delightful ❤
– 2 tsp rosemary syrup
– juice of half a grapefruit
– 2 twigs rosemary
– sparkling water to fill up
for the rosemary sirup just heat 200ml water with 100g granulated sugar until the sugar is dissolved. add 5 twigs of rosemary and juice and zest of 1 lemon in and cook for another 15 minutes. let it cool before you use it for the drinks.



the lavSecco
for my creation of a nice sparkling alcoholic drink I used the Prosecco from – it’s a swiss brand that makes uniqe etiquettes for Prosecco and Red Wine. their products are just amazing and I love how quick and easy it is to order the products. I wrote a more detailed blogpost about the ordering process a while ago – go check it out, it’s a good one!IMG_9501-02
again I made a syrup for the base; to make the lavender lemon syrup, combine 100g sugar, juice of one lemon, 200ml water, 1 tablespoon of fresh lavender or 3 drops of lavender essential oil. Simmer over low-medium heat for 15 minutes, allow to cool for 15 minutes, and pour through a fine mesh strainer to remove the lavender buds from the syrup. then just mix these ingredients:
– 2 tsp lavender syrup
– splash of a lime
– Prosecco to fill up


the virgin mojito
I love me a nice virgin mojito, mostly because of the ice and mint in it. it’s just THE BEST feeling ever when it’s hot and sunny outside and you can enjoy a >really< cold drink. so for my version of a virgin mojito I just mixed the following ingredients:
– 1 tsp brown sugar (I guess you could actually take agave syrup aswell)
– some mint leaves
– 1 lime
– 2dl Bitter Lemon
– sparkling water to fill up
– a LOT of crushed ice

I scrunched the sugar with the mint leaves and lime, then added the ice, Bitter Lemon and sparkling water – it’s absolutely amazing, even my husband who hates Bitter Lemon loved it ❤


what is your favourite drink on a hot summer day? I’d love to hear from you ❤

Maruschka x


this blogpost is not sponsered, kindly provided me the Prosecco, all other products used are purchased.



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