autumnal make-up look ¦ Gerda Spillmann

we had the most beautiful summer ever and I really enjoyed it but I’m now at the stage where I can’t wait for autumn to come. by now you guys will know how much I love autumn and everything that comes with it.


so I decided to start autumn early this year by creating this autumnal make-up look and wearing a beautiful cozy jumper (that was WAY too hot for the shooting day).

the base of my make-up look is by a brand called Gerda Spillmann which is a Swiss company based in Bern. I’ve only known this brand for a couple of months and I am already in love with it.



I started by using the Hydro Pearls Primer to moisturize my skin and prepare it for the cream make-up to last longer and look natural. The Bio-Fond foundation comes in seven tones, feels lovely on your skin and gives you a nice coverage without looking too painted. I use the shade Parline 01 and this one is perfect for me.




I then used my trusty Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer under my eyes and to cover any blemishes or spots and set this with the Perfect Matte Loose Powder from Gerda Spillmann. It gives you a nice matte finish and makes your make-up last even longer. I love the texture of it and the smell is just delightful.



to bronze my face I use the Hoola Bronzer from Benefit as I do always – because why starting something new, when the oldies are just goldies? to give my face kind of a contour finish I use the Highlight & Contour Pro Palette from NYX and I actually really liked it. it was the first time I tried it out and I was quite impressed by the shades of the countour powders – they are very pigmented and matte what I love! I didn’t use the highlighters because I wanted to give the La Vie en Glow Palette from L’Oréal a go.



I shaped my brows with a spoolie and shaded them with the brow tint from MAC Cosmetics. for my eyes I went for the Zoeva Voyager Matte Palette; this is >so< beautiful and easy to use! It includes six autumnal earth tones and they are super pigmented and very flattering. I used „urban culture“ as a transition shade, „across the street“ to cover my mobile lid and „lonely city“ in my outer corners and just under my eyes. I’m currently testing some new Mascaras (blogpost about these is coming soon) > in this make-up look I used the Paradise Extatic from L’Oréal and I’m pretty impressed – so this could be a new favourite – I’ll let you know.




for my lips I tried out quite a few lipshades but I wanted it to be really dark and autumnal so I went for the Bronx Colors Matte Lip Tint in the shade 02 (there is no name on it). this one is really longwearing but I have to say it doesn’t feel very good on your lips > it’s quite dry. but I loved the look and how long it lasted – so that’s definitely a plus.



my cozy off-shoulder pullover is a current purchase from H&M and I blimmin love it! it’s so autumnal but not to warm for nice days in early autumn.
for the photos I went to my aunties garden and picked some figs – I’m already excited to make jam or mustard or even bake a yummie cake with them.

and this is me posing like a pro (why has no one ever booked me for a job?!):



what are you most excited for in autumn? I’d love to hear from you ❤

Maruschka x


all the products I used are products I genuiley love – I would never write about gifted products I don’t like. this blogpost is not sponsored, Gerda Spillmann kindly sent me the above mentioned products.


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