my beauty picks from London & Edinburgh

it kind of became a tradition of my sister and me to visit London at the beginning of a new year. I don’t exactly know why we go there every January but we did so the last few years and I blooming love it. London is our happy place and because we’ve been there so many times it became a second home for us.

this year I could only make it for four days which is waaaaay to short but we enjoyed every second of it. then I left to meet my husband in Edinburgh to spend kind of a baby moon / city trip / wellness vacay there – what a lovely city!


as always we (my sister and me) did a lot of shopping but this time I wasn’t very keen on buying clothes as I usually do – when nothing really fits it’s a bit of a struggle… so I focused my shopping on the really important things: beauty products! I bought loads of new things to try out but I feel like it’s too early to have a serious impression of these products so I decided to write a blogpost about some favourites I bought (and already know).

starting with the face primer I’m literally obsessed with ever since I first bought it almost a year ago… the The POREfessional: Pore Primer from Benefit. they had a special offer in which the pore primer came with a matte rescue cream and an eye cream for the same price as the primer itself. so I decided to try these other products aswell – so far I really love both of them. but the primer is still my FAVE of all of them: it’s super smooth and it instantly minimizes the look of the pores & locks on makeup.


next one is a new favourite of mine: the Blush Crush from Lottie London. I got sent one a while ago and really liked it from the beginning – sadly it didn’t survive the journey to London so I bought a new one in Superdrug. the colours are lovely and it’s very pigmented, lasts quite long and is super affordable – WIN.


I think I’ve never ever bought a MAC product I didn’t like – same with these two things: the MAC Studio Conceal and Correct Palette in „light“ and the MAC Shape and Shade Brow Tint in the colour „Spiked“. the concealer palette is perfect to travel: there are six shades and even if you tanned a bit during your vacay you will definitely find a perfect match. they are very creamy and easy to apply with a brush or even your fingers.


the brow tint it a game changer! fill your brows effortlessly using the precision brush-tipped liquid liner on one end, then flip to the sponge on the other end to set your shape with the mess-free powder contained in the cap. this wax-infused powder makes brows smoother and gently holds them into place.


another all time favourite are definitely the Real Technique Brushes: they are easy to use and give you the best result you could wish for. they launched some new brushes lately and so I definitely wanted to get my hands on them. this time I went for the Everyday Essentials which includes: RT 400 Blush,  RT 300 Deluxe Crease, RT 402 Setting, RT 200 Expert face and the Miracle Complexion Sponge – they are pretty much the same as the „old“ originals but in lovely colours.



I also bought the Rebel Edge Trio which includes the Rebel Edge Broad Brush, the Rebel Edge Fine Brush and the Rebel Edge Medium Brush. the cropped head puts you in control to define + blend powders your way – awesome!


the last thing I wanna talk about is the Morphe 35V Stunning Vibes Artistry Palette and to be honest with you I didn’t actually know Morphe until my sister showed me the store. now I wonder how this could happen because they are everywhere! I bloody love this palette – the colours are beautiful, super pigmented and very long lasting. and what I love about this specific palette is that you’ve got a nice choice of different colours; the nudes, the glittery colours, the blue and a nice dark one. so you can create a thousand looks with only one palette!



oh and finally I have to mention this one: the cutest little make-up bag from Oliver Bonas. it’s soft velvet, has a lovely colour and >my fave< some beautiful star constellations on it. I already know I’m gonna use this A LOT.


these are some of my favourite products I always re-buy when they’re empty. what are your favourite beauty products?

I’d love to hear from you ❤
Maruschka x



6 Kommentare zu „my beauty picks from London & Edinburgh

      1. My First HudaBeauty Product was the Rose Gold Remastered palette which is great but a tad expensive. I would definitely suggest the Faux Filter foundation (if you are not averse to perfumed smell in foundations), it is full coverage and looks heavenly on my skin! I also liked the Easy Bake powder-quite fine and for the price that you pay, you get adequate amount of the powder 🙂 Hope this helps

        Gefällt mir

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