she’s mental: Episode 1

here I am, sitting on my sofa with no freaking idea how to write this… it’s been quite a while since my last blogpost and I kind of have the „blogging fear“. it’s been too long and  my expectations on myself are too high.

a couple of weeks ago I wrote a blogpost about my mental health journey and the feedback from you guys was just amazing! I received a ton of lovely messages encouraging me on continuing with posts like this, people saying they had the same struggles or just a lovely bunch who wrote to tell me they’re there for me.


after all these amazing messages I announced my monthly series „she’s mental“ where I wanna write about mental health in all the different ways – after the announcement I pooped myself!


I put too much pressure on myself, had a million ideas in my head but couldn’t manage to write them down and had the feeling of nothing being enough: the blogging fear!

this blog is my passion – I blooming love to write about new recipes, my favourite beauty products or just some random thoughts I wanna share with you. but the personal messages I received made me realize that actual people read my blog. and writing about a cheesecake or a nice lipstick is one thing – but writing about your mental health is a whole other story.


week after week I tried to think about the right words to inspire people and help them with writing about how life can be challenging and how to solve the problems we all have. and day after day I tried to take some photos for the blogpost but thought my body isn’t photogenic enough.

so I decided that sharing my struggle with the writing of this blogpost would be enough for episode 1 of „she’s mental“. everybody feels overwhelmed at some point. everybody feels ’not good enough‘ at some point. everybody feels ashamed of their body at some point.


it’s just important to work on yourself, work on your mental health. give yourself some time, breathe and think about the things you love in life, on others and on yourself. try to see yourself and your struggles from another angle: why are you ashamed of your belly when yesterday you proudly took a mirror selfie? why do you think you’re not welcome at a bbq party when everybody kindly invited you?


truth is: nobody will judge you as hard as you do yourself. they won’t see your „not-so-flat“ belly, they will see your beautiful smile – they won’t notice your feeling of not being good enough, the will see you talking passionate about your favourite book or your favourite singer and think „I wish I would be as passionate as he/she is“. we all struggle and sometimes we all wish to be like someone else!

so let’s just celebrate our different personalities and try to love ourselves as much as our loved ones do! try to love our bodies, our quirks and even love our insecurities.


so this is it – the first episode of „she’s mental“ is born – even if it’s not what I expected it to be, I really love it. the next episode is gonna be… I actually have no idea how it’s gonna be, but I know it will be exactly what it’s meant to be.

what do you think about my new series? I’d love to hear from you ❤

Maruschka x

Items worn in the photos:
Verna Shirt Dress, Weekday:
Shoes, Birkenstock:
Scrunchie with a scarf, H&M (similar one):
Sunnies, H&M:

p.s. the scrunchie I’m wearing on my wrist is just to remember where to start breastfeeding – forgot to take it off for the shooting but cba to take the pictures again 😉


this blogpost is not sponsored – I payed for all the items mentioned.

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