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lately a friend of mine asked me „so now you’re full-time mom, what are you up to all day long? watching tv?“. the questioner wasn’t a parent and, I don’t wanna insult anyone, but it was a male. to be completely honest, first I was a little pissed about this question. I mean… HONESTLY? but then I indulged him – he just didn’t know any better. so I explained what I’m really up to: giving the baby a feed every 3 hours, changing nappies when needed, inventing new games to keep the baby entertained, cleaning the house, doing the groceries, doing the laundry, writing blogposts, shooting photos, testing new recipes for future blogposts, cooking dinner, giving the baby a bath, going for a walk with the little one etc. etc. etc.

IMG_0944-2 - Kopie - Kopie

to be fair – before I was a mom I actually thought it would be much less time consuming… but cleaning the bath without a baby takes about 30 minutes > cleaning a bath -with- a baby takes me about 1.5 hours: you just can’t finish your task without interruption. all in all: a day in a life of a mom or dad is much more exhausting than a „non-parent“ could imagine.

IMG_0953-2 - Kopie - KopieIMG_0958-2 - Kopie - Kopie

therefore I allow myself to have a little pamper session from time to time. in the evening my husband takes care of the baby and first I take a looong shower or a relaxing bath. I wash my hair, give my body a nice scrub (read about my fave body scrub here) and just take some time to let my mind run free. after that I love to pamper myself with a facemask – I tried a LOT of them – but by far my favourites are the KISS Wash-off / Peel-off masks. I like both of them and love to switch weekly because of the different benefits the two masks give my skin.

IMG_1168 - KopieIMG_1201

the tightening 24K Gold Peel-off mask is gorgeous! it consists of honey, lavender oil and is enriched with a gold content, which moisturizes the skin. it removes impurities, detoxifies, tightens the skin and leaves it looking younger. I blooming love how easy it is to peel it off without leaving any residues.

the detoxifying charcoal wash-off mask deeply removes impurities of your skin and moisturizes it lovely. it’s super easy to wash off and leaves your skin glowing!

IMG_1188 - KopieIMG_1172 - Kopie

while my facemask does it’s job I like to throw my feet in another fave of mine: the foot & toenail mask socks! they are absolutely brilliant! in summer my feet tend to be a bit dry and rough because I usually only wear sandals and flipflops – but with these mask socks they get soft and moisturized in minutes > WINNER!

IMG_0938-2 - Kopie - KopieIMG_0967-2 - Kopie - Kopie

to let my face and foot mask soak in it takes about 15-20 minutes – in this time I lay down in my comfy bed, read a book or just have a little nap before the craziness starts all over.

IMG_1165 - Kopie - Kopie

KISS also has some great sheet masks  – if you fancy one, go check them out: ClickandBeauty

what do you do to calm down after a stressful day? I’d love to hear from you ❤

Maruschka x


this blogpost is not sponsored, Herba Collection kindly gifted the Kiss products.

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