she’s mental: Episode 4

this week’s episode is dedicated to autumn. if you follow me for a while, you will probably know that autumn is my favourite season (mainly because Christmas is not a season). I feel like at this time of the year I am more myself than in every other season.


but I caught myself being a little down sometimes at the beginning of autumn. I actually don’t know what it is, because I’m always really excited for autumn to come and usually can’t wait for the leaves to fall down in all those beautiful colours or baking all these delightful spiced goodies. maybe it’s the weather that changes or because it’s getting darker really early… I don’t know – but what I know now is how I can change my mind and escape the ‚autumn blues‘.


and if you’re expecting something really big here… I’m sorry I have to disappoint you. because for me it’s really the little things: when I feel down I go for a walk. and on this walk I ask myself what things made me smile the last couple of days, I think about all the people that made me laugh out loud or just made me feel good. I try to figure out what food made me happy or in which clothes I felt the best.


once thinking about all these things, I usually feel much better instantly because I realize how privileged I am and feel so grateful for all these lovely people that surround me. and if it doesn’t make me feel better, I walk a bit further and further and further. I promise you, that walking will make you feel better eventually.

if you are the kind of person that tends to overthink things, maybe it’s better to go on a walk with a good friend and tell them how you feel. when you say something out loud, sometimes it doesn’t seem as bad as you thought before.


after my last episode of she’s mental some people told me that it was easy for me to write these posts because my life is easy and I seem to have everything (like a job, a house, a car etc.). well first of all: yes, I do life in a privileged situation and I am lucky enough to have  a loving husband, a baby, we both have good jobs and live in a beautiful country. and I do really appreciate it. BUT… that doesn’t mean that I’m always happy and in a good state of mind.


because mental health is MORE than material belongings. it’s more than living in a good neighborhood or having a job that gives you financial freedom. it’s deep inside us and even someone who owns everything you could possibly imagine, can be affected by bad mental health. so instead of accusing one another of having everything and your shit together – HELP eachother to find a good state of mind:

❤ start the conversation
❤ listen
❤ avoid comparisons
❤ celebrate the small steps
❤ give practical support
❤ ask other loved ones to help

Maruschka x


ps. I took these photos on a walk through the neighborhood with my gorgeous girl ❤

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