the ultimate cheeseboard

I loooove hosting parties and to get straight in: a cheeseboard always is an ultimate winner! so I thought I’d share some ideas and pictures of my cheeseboard. the cheeseboard in the photos was actually not made for a party – my bridemaids came over to discuss some wedding stuff and I didn’t really have„the ultimate cheeseboard“ weiterlesen

december favourites

I’m a bit late to the party – I know. but I didn’t wanna miss the chance to show you guys some of my favourite bits and bobs from december. for me there’s no better month than december – fairy lights, mulled wine, christmas trees and happy  people everywhere ❤ this year I enjoyed december„december favourites“ weiterlesen


In Switzerland it’s a tradition to eat Dreikoenigskuchen at the beginning of January. The „heilige drei Könige“ (transl. three holy kings) are the equivalent to the English „three wise men“; they are remembered on January 6th. For this occasion we eat the sweet bread with our family, friends or even at work. The bread somehow„Dreikoenigskuchen“ weiterlesen

my evening routine with RITUALS

in winter my skin needs kind of an extra kick- so what could be better than treating yourself with the lovely products from RITUALS. everytime I go to a RITUALS shop I have to hold myself back because otherwise I would be broke in a second (at least I would smell like heaven). so as„my evening routine with RITUALS“ weiterlesen

november favourites

I am absolutely in LOOOOVE with autumn – every year I fall for it again. what I love most about it is that you can start to wear your favourite jumpers (and yes I do have a new favourite jumper every.single.year.again), eat the most delicious apple cakes and drink hot chocolates for no special reason.„november favourites“ weiterlesen

new york cheesecake

in early 2017 my soon-to-be-husband and me travelled to the big apple. I’ve never been to a city this big and it had my heart from the moment we left the taxi in the middle of Manhatten. it was stunning – loud, dazzling, crowded but somehow a beautiful place to be. we planned loads of„new york cheesecake“ weiterlesen

that’s what you get for waking up in vegas

my soon-to-be-husband and me spent the whole october travelling down the US west coast including some national parks and of course stunning LAS VEGAS! it was our first time in Las Vegas and we were soooo excited (to see the city AND to stay in a proper hotel room after staying three weeks in a„that’s what you get for waking up in vegas“ weiterlesen

apple blondies

finally you’re here again – autumn we all missed you so bad! autumn is my absolute favorite season of the year (except christmas, but that’s – unfortunately – not really a season)! i love all about it; cosy early evenings with candles and a little fire in the chimney burning, warm jumpers, colourful trees everywhere„apple blondies“ weiterlesen


This is my first blog entry and I’m so excited! This website is all about food, fashion and beauty. I’m beyond happy to have made the decision to start my own blog and I’m already looking forward to read your comments and meet people with the same interests! Some facts about me: I’m Maruscka Rossi,„Hello!“ weiterlesen