she’s mental: Episode 5

well… what should I say? it’s been a bloody while since my last ’she’s mental‘ episode! I tend to not want to write this kind of content when I feel a bit down or overwhelmed, maybe because I would have to admit that I feel down > I don’t know. the past couple of months„she’s mental: Episode 5“ weiterlesen

when in doubt, wear red ¦ Dr. Oetker

when Bill Blass said „when in doubt, wear red“ he obviously talked about fashion – but I feel like red is always a good choice: red dresses, red lipstick OR what I like most – red velvet cupcakes! for this years Valentine’s Day I wanted to be completely in theme – so I went for„when in doubt, wear red ¦ Dr. Oetker“ weiterlesen

well that‘s imPressive ¦ Herba Collection

I’ve always been a sucker for a good manicure – ask my sister. after the manicure I’d send her a photo of me > aka my nails < in every situation. I just can’t help myself hahahaha. here’s an example of photos: unluckily getting your nails done can be quite expensive, especially when you live„well that‘s imPressive ¦ Herba Collection“ weiterlesen

Christmas Traditions

Christmas is just ‚round the corner and I feel so festive! I’ve already bought all my presents (if you’re still struggling to find the perfect gift, go check out my Gift Guide) and now I can just relax and enjoy my favourite month of the year. this made me think about how people all over„Christmas Traditions“ weiterlesen

The Gift Guide

Christmas is my absolute favourite season of the year – I just love to spend cozy evenings in front of the fire, to light a million candles, to drink a yummy mulled wine or hot chocolate and eating all the cookies. but what I love most about Christmas is the presents – not to receive„The Gift Guide“ weiterlesen

Baby Essential Part 1 ¦ bonavi

I wanted to write this blog post for quite a while because I would have been super happy to find something like that when I was pregnant with our baby girl. the first couple of months are full of joy, happiness, lack of sleep and confusedness. so I wanted to show you guys what helped„Baby Essential Part 1 ¦ bonavi“ weiterlesen

current beauty faves ¦ Herba Collection

it’s been a while since I talked you through my current beauty faves and so I thought, I’d share my favourite bibs and bobs with you. GARNIER Moisuter Bomb Pomegranate Hydrating Face Sheet Mask it’s the same every year at the beginning of autumn: my skin gets dry and I get a lot of breakouts…„current beauty faves ¦ Herba Collection“ weiterlesen

the ultimate autumn cake

ok – I’ve got to confess something: I am this annoying person that LOVES their birthday. so at this time of the year, I get pretty excited and always host a birthday party with friends and family. and in my opinion, one day isn’t enough – so I always celebrate the day before and the„the ultimate autumn cake“ weiterlesen

she’s mental: Episode 4

this week’s episode is dedicated to autumn. if you follow me for a while, you will probably know that autumn is my favourite season (mainly because Christmas is not a season). I feel like at this time of the year I am more myself than in every other season. but I caught myself being a„she’s mental: Episode 4“ weiterlesen


as by now, you all will know that I flippin love autumn. and one of my favourite things to do in autumn is to bake ❤ I love the smell of cinnamon in our house and obviously I’m always in for a piece of cake ooooor, what lately has become a slight obsession: a TARTE-TATIN!„TARTE-TATIN: 3 ways“ weiterlesen