christmas gift guide

nur noch 17 Tage bis Heiligabend! geht es nur mir so oder hats seit September 2x „wumps“ gemacht und jetzt stehen wir schon wieder so kurz vor Ende Jahr??? ich bin eigentlich ganz schön organisiert, wenns um Weihnachtsvorbereitungen geht; normalerweise fange ich Anfang November an das Haus zu schmücken, der Weihnachtsbaum steht spätestens am 01.„christmas gift guide“ weiterlesen

vamos a Portugal

Die Ferien-Saison 2020 stand ja nicht wirklich unter einem guten Stern. Die Corona-Pandemie hat die Welt fest im Griff – geht uns natürlich nicht anders. Unseren Urlaub für den Sommer 2020 haben wir jedoch schon im Dezember 2019 gebucht. Wir wollten nämlich schon so lange die Familie von unserem besten Freund in Portugal besuchen. Das„vamos a Portugal“ weiterlesen

Our Night Time Routine

> the secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine < I’ve always been a daily routine kind of girl – there’s just something that really calms me down with knowing that some parts of my day are always kind of the same. don’t get me wrong > I’m always up for a„Our Night Time Routine“ weiterlesen

she’s mental: Episode 5

well… what should I say? it’s been a bloody while since my last ’she’s mental‘ episode! I tend to not want to write this kind of content when I feel a bit down or overwhelmed, maybe because I would have to admit that I feel down > I don’t know. the past couple of months„she’s mental: Episode 5“ weiterlesen

well that‘s imPressive ¦ Herba Collection

I’ve always been a sucker for a good manicure – ask my sister. after the manicure I’d send her a photo of me > aka my nails < in every situation. I just can’t help myself hahahaha. here’s an example of photos: unluckily getting your nails done can be quite expensive, especially when you live„well that‘s imPressive ¦ Herba Collection“ weiterlesen

The Gift Guide

Christmas is my absolute favourite season of the year – I just love to spend cozy evenings in front of the fire, to light a million candles, to drink a yummy mulled wine or hot chocolate and eating all the cookies. but what I love most about Christmas is the presents – not to receive„The Gift Guide“ weiterlesen

Baby Essential Part 1 ¦ bonavi

I wanted to write this blog post for quite a while because I would have been super happy to find something like that when I was pregnant with our baby girl. the first couple of months are full of joy, happiness, lack of sleep and confusedness. so I wanted to show you guys what helped„Baby Essential Part 1 ¦ bonavi“ weiterlesen

she’s mental: Episode 4

this week’s episode is dedicated to autumn. if you follow me for a while, you will probably know that autumn is my favourite season (mainly because Christmas is not a season). I feel like at this time of the year I am more myself than in every other season. but I caught myself being a„she’s mental: Episode 4“ weiterlesen

she’s mental: Episode 3

it happened again! even though I thought I was immune – I’m not. I fell in and it was bloody hard to get out again. you must be thinking: what the heck?! I’m talking about the *SOCIAL MEDIA BLACK HOLE* and I’m sure most of you will know this as a thing and have experienced„she’s mental: Episode 3“ weiterlesen

my autumn fashion wishlist

hiya! it’s that time again… you know I really love summer but every year there’s always a point where I’m a little more excited for autumn coming round than summer to last a little longer – and this point is exactly >now<. we actually had a pretty amazing summer with really hot temperatures and lovely„my autumn fashion wishlist“ weiterlesen