vamos a Portugal

Die Ferien-Saison 2020 stand ja nicht wirklich unter einem guten Stern. Die Corona-Pandemie hat die Welt fest im Griff – geht uns natürlich nicht anders. Unseren Urlaub für den Sommer 2020 haben wir jedoch schon im Dezember 2019 gebucht. Wir wollten nämlich schon so lange die Familie von unserem besten Freund in Portugal besuchen. Das war eigentlich schon im Spätsommer 2018 geplant – dann wurde ich aber schwanger und mir war so übel, dass ich gar nicht daran denken wollte ins Flugzeug zu steigen.

Wir haben lange darüber nachgedacht, ob wir nun Anfang August wirklich fliegen sollen oder nicht. Einerseits sind knapp drei Stunden im Flugzeug „coronamässig“ nicht wirklich toll, andererseits durften wir privat bei unseren Freunden leben, d.h. wir waren auf keine Hotels bzw. Restaurants angewiesen. Da Portugal zu dem Zeitpunkt auch noch nicht auf der Quarantäneliste war, haben wir uns dazu entschieden zu fliegen!

Ich hatte meine Zweifel bezüglich der je zweistündigen Zugfahrt zum und vom Flughafen und dem knapp dreistündigen Flug mit Luna. Sie ist ein, wie soll ich es nett ausdrücken, sehr aufgewecktes Kind. Wild trifft es wohl am besten 🙂 aber sie hat das super gemeistert und die meiste Zeit vom Flug geschlafen – ich war mächtig stolz. Der Rückflug war ein ganz anderes Thema, aber das werd ich ein anderes Mal erzählen!

Zu Portugal kann ich nur eins sagen: ich hab mich schockverliebt! ❤
Die Leute, die Strände und das Essen – ach das Essen war so lecker! Jeden Tag frischen Fisch oder Meeresfrüchte, leckere Salate und vor allem DIE BESTEN GEBÄCKE DER WELT! Die Mama von unserem besten Freund hat mich sogar in ein paar Rezepte eingeweiht – vielleicht darf ich euch sogar mal eine Köstlichkeit auf den Blog stellen ❤

alles in allem waren es mit die entspannendsten Ferien, die ich je gemacht hab. Am Pool liegen, lesen, schöne Strände besuchen, lecker essen und Zeit mit meinen Liebsten verbringen – was will man mehr!

Ich bin wirklich so froh, dass wir, trotz Corona, geflogen sind! So wies aussieht, waren das für eine ganze Weile die letzen Ferien im Ausland. Zum Glück leben wir aber an einem wunderbaren Ort mit so vielen Möglichkeiten!

Wie habt ihr euren Sommer- oder Herbsturlaub dieses Jahr verbracht?
Ich freu mich von euch zu hören ❤

Maruschka x

Our Night Time Routine

> the secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine <

I’ve always been a daily routine kind of girl – there’s just something that really calms me down with knowing that some parts of my day are always kind of the same. don’t get me wrong > I’m always up for a spontaneous adventure (as long as it’s before my bedtime hahaha) but having a routine is just something I really enjoy.

therefore the routine with our 1 year old (!! gosh when did that happen??) daughter came quite naturally for me. but I’m not gonna lie, I looked online for „good baby routines“ quite a while but just didn’t find THE ONE. so I thought this might be helpful for some of you.

there are a couple of things before the acutal night time routine that (I think) matter for a smooth process in the evening – so here’s what we do: Luna sleeps about 2-3h in the daytime but NEVER past 3.30pm. I just noticed that she needs at least 3h between naps and night time and as she goes to bed around 6.30-7pm that works perfect for us. secondly we try to only give her the dummy for naps, in the car, and sometimes in the pram. so she automatically knows „dummy = sleep“. first she could have her dummy all the time but we soon noticed that she doesn’t really appreciate it in the bed, so we changed that and ever since she gets really calm when using the dummy.

for the actual night time routine we start around 5.30pm: this time I tidy up her toys, stuffed animals and all the other mess she created during the day. some people asked me why I tidy while she still plays – it’s easy; I want her to learn that things need to be tidied > there’s no wizzard who magically cleans up everything during the night – we have to do it on our own. and I think the sooner she gets confronted with that the sooner she realizes and helps me with these kind of tasks.

after we tidied up (most of) the toys I start to prepare her dinner. for the moment she still gets her porridge – sometimes with fruit, sometimes with some spices. I use 20g of oats or sorghum and 200ml of whole milk, cook it for a few minutes until it thickens up.
the last couple of days she started to show a liiiiiittle bit of an attitude when we fed her. she wants to feed herself but is not quite ready for it. so I just feed her most of the porridge and let her try with a little spoon for the last few bits – gonna tell you how it worked soon.

Trainer Cup
Soft-Tip Infant Spoons

pretty much straight after dinner we brush our teeth: first I show her how it’s done, then I brush her teeth for a bit, and then it’s her turn. I let her bite the toothbrush for a couple of minutes and then just wash her mouth.

Toothbrush Mam

BUBBLES 6.35pm
then it’s bathtime – actually one of our favourite time of the day! Luna loves a bath and could soak hours and hours in her little tub. my hubby takes control of this task most of the time (which makes me sliiiiightly jealous because she’s always so happy in the bath) and while they have their fun I prepare her bed (sleeping bag, dummy) and make everything ready for us to have dinner.


we usually do this part of the routine together as a family: the hubby moisturizes her face and body, puts a nappy on and I comb her hair, get her dressed, tell her what we did/experienced all day or sing lullabies all along. after that we put her in her sleeping bag and she normally sleeps within 5 minutes.

I love our routine and that it involves the whole family and I’m pretty sure Luna does as well. after this process the hubby and I can enjoy our dinner without having to worry about the baby/toddler and talk like „real adults“ and I really appreciate this.

what’s your key for a good night time routine?
I’d love to hear from you ❤

Maruschka x

>> of course we don’t bath her outside in a full set of swimming clothes – I just didn’t want to post a photo of her naked in the bath. all the photos are snaps from our daily life and not from a „shooting“ 🙂




she’s mental: Episode 5

well… what should I say? it’s been a bloody while since my last ’she’s mental‘ episode!

I tend to not want to write this kind of content when I feel a bit down or overwhelmed, maybe because I would have to admit that I feel down > I don’t know.

the past couple of months have been quite hard sometimes but now that I feel better, I’m ready to write down my feelings and why I had them.


there was just A LOT going on: I tried to be the best mum AND wife I could be, I wanted to connect with my friends a bit more, I tried to eat healthy and maybe lose a little weight, I wanted to work out at least 3 times a week, I wanted to do my job in the architectures office good, I wanted my blog and Instagram to succeed > and somehow I felt like I couldn’t make one. thing. happen.

so I really got overwhelmed by all the feelings:
SAD: because I wanted to be the best version of myself but couldn’t find it
ANGRY: because I wanted to do everything on my own but knew I just couldn’t
GUILTY: because I needed a break so bad but I felt like my daughter should always be priority no. 1
TIRED: because all these feels are just so hard to carry
and most of all I was LONELY because I didn’t want to tell anybody about ‚me not getting my shit together‘


so I struggled in silence – I cried a lot when no one could see it and gave my best to make it seem that I got everything together. and what for? absolutely bloody nothing!

now that I feel better I realize that most of my problems could have been solved just by me asking for help > but that is just so blimmin hard! ever since I became a mum I feel like I’m asking for help ALL THE FLIPPIN TIME and that makes me feel so vulnerable and like I owe the ones who help me.

even though I know my mum, sister, aunties, and cousins like to look after Luna when I want or need to do something alone, it kind of makes me cringe a bit every time I ask them.. because it makes me look like I’m not a good mum, like I can’t handle things alone, like I’m not good enough at what I do.

small eyes run in the family 😀


but I’m working on my mindset and it got a lot better the last couple days – I feel more relaxed, I don’t stress myself when I didn’t get enough sleep or couldn’t finish a task. I just try to do one thing at a time and enjoy watching my daughter grow up (too fast).

so if you’re still here, after me rambling around for so long, THANK YOU. but also I’M SORRY – I don’t have the answer to feeling overwhelmed or guilty. but I’m constantly trying to find it and I believe that I’ll succeed one day – I’ll definitely let you know ❤

Maruschka x

ps. we took this photo last Sunday on a sponateous trip to the indoor swimming pool in our area ❤

well that‘s imPressive ¦ Herba Collection

I’ve always been a sucker for a good manicure – ask my sister. after the manicure I’d send her a photo of me > aka my nails < in every situation. I just can’t help myself hahahaha. here’s an example of photos:

unluckily getting your nails done can be quite expensive, especially when you live in Switzerland: CHF 80.- for shellac that lasts for approx. 2 weeks is just way to much!

long story short: I tested different ways of ‚doing my nails‘ and here are my conclusions:

Miss Sophie Nail Wraps
with about CHF 18.- for one set of Nail Wraps this is the most expensive one at first sight. but the price can be relativized, because a set can be used up to three times > a sheet of 24 Nail Wraps contains seven different sizes from which you can choose the appropriate size for your nail. I just used one wrap and cut it in half, that worked perfectly for two fingers of the same size.

what I really liked about it was the amount of different designs that are available online. however… they don’t look right the same in real life and that’s what bothered me a bit. I ordered 5 different types and some are way brighter and some way darker than online – still pretty, just different.

it was quite easy to apply them: just clean the nail, remove the cuticles, choose size and stick it on. BUT it takes quuiiite a while to file them and of course your natural nail shape stays just like that.

I absolutely loved the sealing top coat > I chose the mat one and YES they are beautifuly mat after that – so that’s perfect.

one thing I didn’t like at all with these nail wraps was how easily the back of the foil came off. it’s just a tiny bit and the other part of the foil won’t come off either but I got stuck in my hair when I ran my hand through it and that stressed me out a lot! plus they only last for about 4 days and I definitely hoped for more.

all in all I feel like it’s only worth the money and time if you like special designs on your nails. they do really lovely designs but I’m more of a ‚monochrom-kind-of-girl‘ so that didn’t quite work out for me – I’d give them 5 out of 10 stars. ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

imPRESS Nails by KISS ¦ *gifted by Herba Collection
I’ve never been a fake nail person… but as my mum works with such products she made me curious about the imPRESS Nails by Kiss. so I got in touch with Herba Collection and they kindly gifted me some of their collection > you can get them on

what I liked most about it was how flippin easy it was to apply them! clean your nails, pop them on – DONE! they were a bit too long for my taste so I just filed them a little. even if you don’t like the shape of it – just do it your way – that’s brilliant! but wait until about 1 hour after initial application in order to give the imPRESS nails time to fully bond with your natural nails.

it says that they last from 5 days to a full week > I’ve had mine on for 12 days and they still looked good (apart from the nail grewing out a bit – but that’s not their problem). so that’s definitely a success.

imPRESS nails are made with a high-performance resin material that’s flexible, like your natural nails. a slim tapered cuticle creates a weightless contoured fit, resulting in the most seamless natural look > I never got stuck in my hair or anywhere else, which is perfect!

each imPRESS Manicure kit includes 30 nails in 12 sizes, so you won’t need all of them. you might be able to use some of them with another manicure. try buying a pattern that complements a color and mix the leftovers together for a unique manicure.

removing the nails is just as easy as applying them: you gently peel off from the side to remove. if the nails seem really ’stuck‘, apply acetone nail polish remover around edges, wait 1 minute, then peel off. you can use the enclosed wood stick to help lift the imPRESS nail at the sides. however, I feel like my natural nails were a bit ‚dry‘ after I’ve removed the imPRESS ones – so I just put some nail oil on and then they were completely fine.

my overall imPRESSion (pun intended) is definitely positive! they’re easy to apply, feel super natural, look amazing and your nails won’t be damaged from it. they’re definitely a bit more on the pricey side with about CHF 10.00 – 15.00 (they’re CHF 11.50 if you order them @ but in my opinion it’s worth it. I’d give them 8 out of 10 ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

I’ve also thought about mentioning just ’normal‘ nail polish here… but I think we’ve all been there with various brands: they look great on the first few minutes – then you don’t let them dry enough – they don’t look great – you get annoyed – you do them all over – same thing happens – maybe not – they last for 2 days – they look shite – you don’t remove the polish for another few days – you get ashamed – you finally take it off – you’ve got your nail polish all over your hands – you’re annoyed again – you forget about it the next time and do it anyway.

how do you get your nails done? I’d love to hear from you ❤

Maruschka x


The Gift Guide

Christmas is my absolute favourite season of the year – I just love to spend cozy evenings in front of the fire, to light a million candles, to drink a yummy mulled wine or hot chocolate and eating all the cookies.

but what I love most about Christmas is the presents – not to receive them but to give them! there is nothing more special than surprising your loved ones with a little something they didn’t expect or wished for a long time.

in my opinion, there is nothing better than to give someone time: so I find theatre tickets, a concert or even a voucher for a nice dinner is a very lovely gift and I’d 100% appreciate this the most. but sometimes you just want to give them something a bit more special and that’s where Merci Maman is THE perfect place to shop for this kind of present!


Merci Maman made me the most gorgeous personalized necklace. they hand-engrave all of their pieces and this makes it so cute and personal! for my necklace I chose the engravement: Luna 14.04.2019 – the name and date of birth of my daughter.



but you could also engrave your other half and your initials and your anniversary, your dogs name, your parents or siblings names – there’s no limit (actually there is a limit of letters… but you could just order more pieces anyway :D) . I know it’s a little late but you’ll get 20% off your order until tomorrow (02.12.2019 11.59pm) – so go check them out and get your loved ones the perfect present. oh and also: the delivery was SOOOO fast – I literally got my necklace after 2 days!

another one of my faves this year is something for our little ones. in the online shop from Hotschgufe you’ll find everything a kid could ever wish for! she sells the cutest wooden toys, nightlights, kids dinner sets, cuddle dolls and so much more > and EVERYTHING is personalized.


we’ve got this wonderful train toy for Luna and there’s not only her name and date of birth; her weight, height and time of birth are also written on the train and I think this is such a thoughtful cute present. it’s a perfect toy for the little ones and a meaningful and emotional memory for the parents – absolutely lovely.


Priska, the founder of Hotschgufe, has three gorgeous kids and runs this business casually while raising them: such a mum boss! the quality of her personalization is just amazing and she did it SO fast. I really recommend this shop from the heart because I know and follow her for a while and find it truly inspiring to see all the creative things she does. go and check out her shop and Instagram to see what I mean.

if you’re looking for something a little bit on the cheaper side but nonetheless beautiful: the Kneippgift packages are the perfect choice for you. they’ve got a lovely packaging and the products are definitely my all-time faves! I’ve used Kneipp bath products for longer than I can remember and truly love them – there are so many benefits:


The Kneipp cream bath „Wohlfühlzeit“ with natural essential oils of sweet orange and star anise and high-quality macadamia milk extract protects the skin from drying out and conjures up a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere. the cozy scent and the long-lasting creamy foam make this bath a feel-good experience for body and soul. After the relaxing bath, you perfectly complement your feel-good ritual with the Kneipp Body Milk. The rich care with macadamia milk extract provides the skin with long-lasting moisture and regenerates the skin barrier. The natural care effect is rounded off by cell-protecting vitamin E, rich shea butter and skin-soothing panthenol.


or if you’re loved one doesn’t like to take a bath > Kneipp has also a very beautiful gift set with a candle and a room perfume with sandalwood. the wooden scent is so warming and lovely and I think this gift set is such a save number: everyone will love this.


ALSO: Kneipp is such an affordable brand and really environmentally aware. I love that all of their products are sustainably and they even have partnerships with for example WWF. all in all I’m really a fan of Kneipp ever since I can remember and definitely would recommend their products to everyone!

so this is it from my gift guide this year: I hope you like it and find something to give to your family, friends or your special ones.

Merry Christmas everybody!

Maruschka x


this blogpost is not sponsored – the products mentioned are gifted. even if something is gifted – I would never ever recommend anything I don’t like. all my recommendations come from the heart!


Baby Essential Part 1 ¦ bonavi

I wanted to write this blog post for quite a while because I would have been super happy to find something like that when I was pregnant with our baby girl.

the first couple of months are full of joy, happiness, lack of sleep and confusedness. so I wanted to show you guys what helped us to keep things going in this wonderfully messy time that is now our everyday life.

the first item I want to recommend you, really made things so easy in the nights. it’s the Chicco Next2me baby cot – it’s installed right next to your bed and you have easy access to your baby to calm him/her or to take him/her in your bed to nurse.


you don’t have to get up every couple of hours instead you just roll over, the baby can feel your presence and I feel like this is what babies need in the first couple of months. Luna slept in this cot for about 4 months, after that she changed to her own room and a slightly bigger bed. you could say that it’s a little expensive to only use for 4 months, but first of all you can use it longer, we just thought that 4 months would be a good time to change but that’s up to you and secondly the bed is now at my parents and every time we are with them or my mom looks after Luna she can nap in this cot – an absolute WINNER!

because we changed her in her own room that is not on the same floor as our bedroom I wanted a baby phone that has a camera. and with the Philips Avent Digital Video-Babyphone we found the perfect one – a gamechanger!


even in her daytime naps, it’s so much easier with this baby phone because I don’t have to sneak in her room every few minutes to check if she’s alright. just switch to the video setting and watch her sleep, cry, turn over or looking for her dummy – it’s the best thing in the world! when she doesn’t want to sleep I just play her some lullabies via the babyphone > you can even choose from six different ones > works EVERY time!

the third item in this haul is one thing that really made things easy now she’s a little older. it’s the bonavi Urban and it is the ideal pram for the city. whether bumpy shopping streets, narrow shelves or full cafés: its agile front wheels, compact size, and soft all-wheel suspension make every city stroll a comfortable experience.


what I love most about it, is the sports chair that you can use when the baby’s a little bigger. you can choose from facing it towards or away from you and that’s really handy. because Luna can’t really sit on her own right now I like to see if she’s ok and I believe that she likes to see me all the time just to make sure I’m there for her. you can even fold the pram with the sports chair on it – super easy and space-saving.


it has three one-handed adjustable backrest positions. the footrest can also be easily adjusted depending on the lying or sitting position. what we don’t use, as Luna is now almost too big to fit in a baby car seat: you could even buy a separately available adapter for the baby seat and mount it on the pram > SO practical!


we absolutely love it and I’d highly recommend it to everyone! if you wanna see how easy it is to handle go and check out the highlights of my Instagram stories, I made a little video to show you how cool it is!

last but by no means least: Wrap Bodysuits!
I think every new parent will tell you the same: babies HATE to get dressed! the struggle to get a bodysuit over their face is just… gosh, I don’t even wanna think about it again hahaha.


so when I got home from the hospital the first thing I did, was going online and shop these wrap bodysuits from H&M and it was the best purchase ever! it’s so much easier to wrap your baby in the bodysuit and Luna instantly stopped crying while getting dressed. now she’s older it’s no longer a problem – so we use the „normal“ bodysuits again.

so this is it – so far! I’ve got a lot more things to recommend to you guys but I’ll show you everything in part 2 of the baby essentials – coming soon ❤

what is something you think is really handy with newborns? I’d love to hear from you ❤

Maruschka x


>> this blogpost is not sponsored. bonavi kindly gifted the pram – all other products were purchased by myself.

she’s mental: Episode 4

this week’s episode is dedicated to autumn. if you follow me for a while, you will probably know that autumn is my favourite season (mainly because Christmas is not a season). I feel like at this time of the year I am more myself than in every other season.


but I caught myself being a little down sometimes at the beginning of autumn. I actually don’t know what it is, because I’m always really excited for autumn to come and usually can’t wait for the leaves to fall down in all those beautiful colours or baking all these delightful spiced goodies. maybe it’s the weather that changes or because it’s getting darker really early… I don’t know – but what I know now is how I can change my mind and escape the ‚autumn blues‘.


and if you’re expecting something really big here… I’m sorry I have to disappoint you. because for me it’s really the little things: when I feel down I go for a walk. and on this walk I ask myself what things made me smile the last couple of days, I think about all the people that made me laugh out loud or just made me feel good. I try to figure out what food made me happy or in which clothes I felt the best.


once thinking about all these things, I usually feel much better instantly because I realize how privileged I am and feel so grateful for all these lovely people that surround me. and if it doesn’t make me feel better, I walk a bit further and further and further. I promise you, that walking will make you feel better eventually.

if you are the kind of person that tends to overthink things, maybe it’s better to go on a walk with a good friend and tell them how you feel. when you say something out loud, sometimes it doesn’t seem as bad as you thought before.


after my last episode of she’s mental some people told me that it was easy for me to write these posts because my life is easy and I seem to have everything (like a job, a house, a car etc.). well first of all: yes, I do life in a privileged situation and I am lucky enough to have  a loving husband, a baby, we both have good jobs and live in a beautiful country. and I do really appreciate it. BUT… that doesn’t mean that I’m always happy and in a good state of mind.


because mental health is MORE than material belongings. it’s more than living in a good neighborhood or having a job that gives you financial freedom. it’s deep inside us and even someone who owns everything you could possibly imagine, can be affected by bad mental health. so instead of accusing one another of having everything and your shit together – HELP eachother to find a good state of mind:

❤ start the conversation
❤ listen
❤ avoid comparisons
❤ celebrate the small steps
❤ give practical support
❤ ask other loved ones to help

Maruschka x


ps. I took these photos on a walk through the neighborhood with my gorgeous girl ❤

she’s mental: Episode 3

it happened again! even though I thought I was immune – I’m not. I fell in and it was bloody hard to get out again.

you must be thinking: what the heck?!

I’m talking about the *SOCIAL MEDIA BLACK HOLE* and I’m sure most of you will know this as a thing and have experienced it before; you spend a little too much time on the good old Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, or whatever and suddenly you feel this pressure on your chest, a feeling of not being interesting enough or not having your shit together. well at least I did feel so and this wasn’t the first time this has happened to me.


so as I already mentioned, last weekend I spent a little too long on the internet. I was looking for autumn decoration inspiration, some fashion stuff and just scrolling down my Instagram feed. so far so good. then I went to bed and all of a sudden my brain stopped working properly or did it work too much??? I don’t know. but what I know is, I felt SO frustrated! my house wasn’t decorated enough, my wardrobe wasn’t fashionable enough, my body wasn’t thin enough, my hair wasn’t voluminous enough, my life wasn’t interesting enough and my to-do-list was longer than my arm and all I did for the last couple of hours was scrolling through this goddamn internet! I HATED the situation. but I couldn’t figure out what I was supposed to do against it. I just felt like utter shite!


my husband, who doesn’t really use any social media (he has a facebook account but hardly ever uses it) didn’t quite understand what „problem“ I had. in his opinion my problems were made up and not reeeeally relevant… but nevertheless it was good to speak to someone about my feelings, even though he doesn’t see things as I do, or maybe BECAUSE he doesn’t see them the same way.

he told me our house was looking lovely and we could go an pick some pumpkins the next week, he told me I looked cute that night, he showed me some gorgeous photos of our little one and most importantly he told me that even though he doesn’t always understand my problems, he will always be there to help me find a solution. and that was the only thing that helped me escape this black hole.


now I know that not everyone has a loving husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend. but I’m sure most of you will have a special someone who they can talk to when they don’t feel their selves > DO IT. there’s nothing better than talking about your issue and I feel that often when I talk about it, it already seems a lot easier and more bearable. and if you don’t have someone, PLEASE PLEASE e-mail me and I promise to write back with, hopefully, an answer that will help you out.

here we go – another episode of she’s mental. do you like to read about my mental health story? is there anything specific that would interest you? please write a comment or DM. I’d love to hear from you.

Maruschka x

oh and by the way: because I felt like utter shite I didn’t want to take photos this week – so here you have some vacay snaps ❤

my autumn fashion wishlist

hiya! it’s that time again… you know I really love summer but every year there’s always a point where I’m a little more excited for autumn coming round than summer to last a little longer – and this point is exactly >now<.

we actually had a pretty amazing summer with really hot temperatures and lovely long evenings. but the last couple of days the weather changed and it rained a lot. and you know what? I bloomin‘ loved it! so I decided it was time to make my autumn fashion wishlist – and why not share it with you lovely lot?

when it comes to autumnal fashion Zara is definitely one of my absolute faves! so there you have it, a selection of all the things I’d wish to buy but will only be able to buy some of them because nappies are damn expensive!

(you’ll find the link for the products in the picture captions)















of course, I had to catch a glimpse at the kids section – which is definitely BEAUTIFUL! some bits I really want for Luna:







these are just too cute, aren’t they?

what’s your favourite when it comes to autumn fashion? I’d love to hear from you ❤
oh and don’t forget to tag me, if you wear something from my wishlist!

Maruschka x

this blogpost is not sponsored!

she’s mental: Episode 2

first of all I wanna say a massive THANK YOU to all your lovely feedback to my latest „she’s mental“ episode – I really appreciate it and it makes me so happy to see that the pilot as well as episode 1 did help some of you!

in this weeks episode I wanna talk about body confidence! this is a topic that was a matter all my life. nowadays I’m a very confident person – but that wasn’t always the case. I used to hate the shape of my body and always had VERY big troubles getting dressed for school or going swimming with friends etc.


I remember the days in high school when I’d rather played sick so I didn’t have to go to school because I was so ashamed of showing my body in a swimsuit (we had swimming lessons every other week). things got better a bit, when I finished school and started my apprenticeship: my environment changed and this made me feel a bit more confident about myself. I could practically restart „myself“ and be the person I really wanted to be. don’t you think this is sometimes kind of the problem? you’re like stuck in your life with the same people who know you for ages and this can feel sort of back-breaking when you wanna change something – about you as a person, about your style, about your friends… just anything.


my taskmaster in my apprenticeship is an amazing person! he’s funny, smart and probably the most confident person I know. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be as confident as I am now, if I’d never met him. we actually never talked about confidence or something similar ever – but the way he showed me how to live life really impressed me: he always knows what to say in every situation or if he doesn’t he can play it over very well!

so I think he’s definitely part of the reason why I am as confident as I am today.


I’m confident about my story, about my lifestyle and most importantly about my body. I’m no size zero and will never be – but I’m ok with that. not only am I ok with that, I love my body! it has done some amazing work – my beautiful daughter reminds me of this daily. isn’t it a shame, that so many women and men hate their body just because society tells them everything above size 34 isn’t beautiful? that stretch marks are ugly? or that boobs have to be a certain size? every body (shape) deserves to be loved! and let me tell you something: there are definitely more people with stretch marks than without, more with cellulite than without and more people with a bigger size than zero!


but for >sure< there are days when I feel like crap! there are days I don’t wanna go out because a dress doesn’t fit well, my hair looks ugly or my boobs are lower than 10 years ago! but nowadays I try to think about it in a different way. when I don’t feel good, I stand in front of a mirror and ask myself to think about five things I like about myself. it doesn’t have to be a physical thing:

  1. I like how my body was able to give birth to my beautiful daughter
  2. I like the colour of my hair
  3. I like the shape of my lips
  4. I like how I (almost) never fail to make someone laugh
  5. I like that people ask me for my opinion in different situations


after I think about these five things I usually immediately feel better.
try it – I promise it’ll work!

do you struggle with your body confidence or have you got any good tips how to feel better? let me know in the comments – I’d love to hear from you ❤

Maruschka x