she’s mental: Episode 2

first of all I wanna say a massive THANK YOU to all your lovely feedback to my latest „she’s mental“ episode – I really appreciate it and it makes me so happy to see that the pilot as well as episode 1 did help some of you!

in this weeks episode I wanna talk about body confidence! this is a topic that was a matter all my life. nowadays I’m a very confident person – but that wasn’t always the case. I used to hate the shape of my body and always had VERY big troubles getting dressed for school or going swimming with friends etc.


I remember the days in high school when I’d rather played sick so I didn’t have to go to school because I was so ashamed of showing my body in a swimsuit (we had swimming lessons every other week). things got better a bit, when I finished school and started my apprenticeship: my environment changed and this made me feel a bit more confident about myself. I could practically restart „myself“ and be the person I really wanted to be. don’t you think this is sometimes kind of the problem? you’re like stuck in your life with the same people who know you for ages and this can feel sort of back-breaking when you wanna change something – about you as a person, about your style, about your friends… just anything.


my taskmaster in my apprenticeship is an amazing person! he’s funny, smart and probably the most confident person I know. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be as confident as I am now, if I’d never met him. we actually never talked about confidence or something similar ever – but the way he showed me how to live life really impressed me: he always knows what to say in every situation or if he doesn’t he can play it over very well!

so I think he’s definitely part of the reason why I am as confident as I am today.


I’m confident about my story, about my lifestyle and most importantly about my body. I’m no size zero and will never be – but I’m ok with that. not only am I ok with that, I love my body! it has done some amazing work – my beautiful daughter reminds me of this daily. isn’t it a shame, that so many women and men hate their body just because society tells them everything above size 34 isn’t beautiful? that stretch marks are ugly? or that boobs have to be a certain size? every body (shape) deserves to be loved! and let me tell you something: there are definitely more people with stretch marks than without, more with cellulite than without and more people with a bigger size than zero!


but for >sure< there are days when I feel like crap! there are days I don’t wanna go out because a dress doesn’t fit well, my hair looks ugly or my boobs are lower than 10 years ago! but nowadays I try to think about it in a different way. when I don’t feel good, I stand in front of a mirror and ask myself to think about five things I like about myself. it doesn’t have to be a physical thing:

  1. I like how my body was able to give birth to my beautiful daughter
  2. I like the colour of my hair
  3. I like the shape of my lips
  4. I like how I (almost) never fail to make someone laugh
  5. I like that people ask me for my opinion in different situations


after I think about these five things I usually immediately feel better.
try it – I promise it’ll work!

do you struggle with your body confidence or have you got any good tips how to feel better? let me know in the comments – I’d love to hear from you ❤

Maruschka x




she’s mental: Episode 1

here I am, sitting on my sofa with no freaking idea how to write this… it’s been quite a while since my last blogpost and I kind of have the „blogging fear“. it’s been too long and  my expectations on myself are too high.

a couple of weeks ago I wrote a blogpost about my mental health journey and the feedback from you guys was just amazing! I received a ton of lovely messages encouraging me on continuing with posts like this, people saying they had the same struggles or just a lovely bunch who wrote to tell me they’re there for me.


after all these amazing messages I announced my monthly series „she’s mental“ where I wanna write about mental health in all the different ways – after the announcement I pooped myself!


I put too much pressure on myself, had a million ideas in my head but couldn’t manage to write them down and had the feeling of nothing being enough: the blogging fear!

this blog is my passion – I blooming love to write about new recipes, my favourite beauty products or just some random thoughts I wanna share with you. but the personal messages I received made me realize that actual people read my blog. and writing about a cheesecake or a nice lipstick is one thing – but writing about your mental health is a whole other story.


week after week I tried to think about the right words to inspire people and help them with writing about how life can be challenging and how to solve the problems we all have. and day after day I tried to take some photos for the blogpost but thought my body isn’t photogenic enough.

so I decided that sharing my struggle with the writing of this blogpost would be enough for episode 1 of „she’s mental“. everybody feels overwhelmed at some point. everybody feels ’not good enough‘ at some point. everybody feels ashamed of their body at some point.


it’s just important to work on yourself, work on your mental health. give yourself some time, breathe and think about the things you love in life, on others and on yourself. try to see yourself and your struggles from another angle: why are you ashamed of your belly when yesterday you proudly took a mirror selfie? why do you think you’re not welcome at a bbq party when everybody kindly invited you?


truth is: nobody will judge you as hard as you do yourself. they won’t see your „not-so-flat“ belly, they will see your beautiful smile – they won’t notice your feeling of not being good enough, the will see you talking passionate about your favourite book or your favourite singer and think „I wish I would be as passionate as he/she is“. we all struggle and sometimes we all wish to be like someone else!

so let’s just celebrate our different personalities and try to love ourselves as much as our loved ones do! try to love our bodies, our quirks and even love our insecurities.


so this is it – the first episode of „she’s mental“ is born – even if it’s not what I expected it to be, I really love it. the next episode is gonna be… I actually have no idea how it’s gonna be, but I know it will be exactly what it’s meant to be.

what do you think about my new series? I’d love to hear from you ❤

Maruschka x

Items worn in the photos:
Verna Shirt Dress, Weekday:
Shoes, Birkenstock:
Scrunchie with a scarf, H&M (similar one):
Sunnies, H&M:

p.s. the scrunchie I’m wearing on my wrist is just to remember where to start breastfeeding – forgot to take it off for the shooting but cba to take the pictures again 😉


this blogpost is not sponsored – I payed for all the items mentioned.

my mental health story

it’s mental health awareness week and I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about this topic which was and maybe still is a tabu. I grew up in a very small village and if someone was mentally ill everyone talked about it – not in a good way! the people used to judge or even broke tie with others who had to or wanted to see a therapist. this always made me feel bad – because nobody chooses to be ill or to not feel great at all.

but nevertheless I personally thought I would never be one with mental illness. I’ve always been a very happy and confident person – therefore I never had struggles with my mental health.

about one year ago my husband and me decided to try to get a baby. luckily I fell pregnant very quickly and this made me feel like the luckiest woman on earth – for about two weeks. then it hit me! it wasn’t the constant nausea that made me feel bad. it was something deep in my chest that dragged me down every single day! I wasn’t happy, I wasn’t excited – I just felt tired of everything and everyone. if you made it this far in this blogpost you probably think „you ungrateful prick“ and this is exactly how I thought about myself. I mean, I was pregnant! so many other women wish to fall pregnant but can’t and pregnant me decides to make the world a sad and bad place > what an absolute prick. and me thinking like this made the situations even worse!

luckily I’m surrounded by the loveliest and most caring people in the world. they noticed my change and supported me in every possible way. however I still cried and felt bad A LOT but I tried to make small steps and just take everything a bit slower. I already wrote a blogpost about the things I do to make me feel better (btw I wrote that specific blogpost four weeks into pregnancy). so just make sure to read it if you feel bad atm.

our little babygirl is now four weeks – and I feel absolutely great (apart from the lack of sleep, but that’s fine anyway)! looking back it feels like I was surrounded by some kind of grey mist during my pregnancy and that mist flew by the second I looked into the eyes of our beautiful daughter Luna Jolie.

what I learned over the past couple of months: everyone can be affected by a mental illness. even if you think you’re the exception – don’t take your happy life for granted. and if it hits you: talk about it and take things slowly. you are enough. you are worthy. you are beautiful.

my mission is to rise my daughter to a kind human who doesn’t judge or take things for granted. I want her to grow up in a world where people can talk about their problems without getting locked out by society. so be kind, be grateful and be the kind of human you wanna be surrounded by.

love you loads.

Maruschka x

the moment she grabs your hair and your hubby gets the shot

life update <3

ok… this feels strange… it’s been a while… it’s been a while since I uploaded my last blogpost, my last Instagram photo or my last story. and to be sitting here an writing this new one feels actually so good – yet so weird!


a year ago I started my blog and I really > like really really < wanted it to become a place where all my passion for food, fashion and beauty would fit in and create something worth reading. and actually I was very confident with what I created until August – I adored writing blogposts and taking photos and tell you guys what I’ve been up to or loving at the moment.


but something changed. and this is probably the biggest change and the greatest news in my life so far! I am pregnant.



it took me quite a while to announce this on here or somewhere else in social media. and this is mostly because I felt poorly almost until week 20 – so half of my pregnancy was an absolute challenge for me and my husband (bless him, he’s amazing!). therefore I decided to take a while off of social media to balance everything and to make me feel better soon – it worked! I’m now more enthusiastic than I’ve ever been the last few weeks and I’m so excited to meet our little one soon.



this blogpost is mostly an update about my life in general but I really want to make sure that every woman knows that it’s completley fine to not feel good or being super excited at the beginning of your pregnancy. everything is new and your body has to do a lot more than it’s used to: creating a new life! this is bloody amazing – but don’t make yourself feel bad if you’re not that happy or over the moon – this can be super overwhelming but it gets better with every week > I promise.



my husband and my family were absolutely incredible! they helped me to see everything positive and gave me the support I really needed. Surround yourself with people you love spending time with and avoid people who make you feel uncomfortable or guilty about the fact that you’re not (yet) super excited. I will write another blogpost about my routine to feel good but for now I just wanted to let you guys know that I’m creating a little wonder and that I’m SO excited for the next couple of months.


what have you been up to the last few weeks – I’d love to hear from you ❤

Maruschka x

it’s ok to have a bad day…

this is not the August favourites post I announced a couple of days ago. and you know why? because I didn’t really enjoy a lot of things in August – and this is completely fine.

I had some rough days in August and to be honest I actually can’t tell you why! it’s not that I don’t wanna tell you why – I just can’t because I don’t really know it myself! so when I started to write my August favourites post I felt very forced and I don’t like to write about something that isn’t me or isn’t 100% true!

so I decided to tell you guys what makes me feel better when it comes to days where I feel down and nothing seems to be right.

first of all, as I already said: it’s ok to have a bad day or a bad couple of days! don’t force yourself to fit in or to be happy all the time. even though you know you should because, as in my case, your life is at it’s best at the moment and you couldn’t wish for anything more. it’s ok!

treat yourself! I love breakfast – and when I feel down I like to treat myself with a big old brunch! I make myself pancakes or waffels, buy a ton of fresh fruit (because they seem to lift my mood) and enjoy my breakfast all by myself or with my husband while watching Netflix (at the moment I’m really into Orange is the new Black). if you don’t enjoy food as much as I do – do something you love but maybe can’t afford every month like having your nails done or go to a massage or book in a beautiful spa. just make sure you only do it for yourself and nobody else!

have some me time! for me it’s so important to have some time alone especially because I usually don’t really have time for myself. as I work in an open farm architechtures office there is always a lot going on and when I’m home my hubby’s normally home aswell or I spend my evenings with friends or family. therefore I really need this time once in a while and I make sure nobody disturbes me.

take a bath! even if you’re not a big „bathtub-person“ – just do it. it calms you down and the warm water feels like a really warming hug. I like to leave my phone outsite the bathroom and read a book instead. social media runs fast and sometimes can be a bit overwhelming – just make sure to take some breaks now and then.

after the above mentioned tasks it’s important for me to socialize again and the easiest way to start this again is to meet your closest friends or family. when I feel rough my sister knows how to make me feel better and after a few minutes spent with her everything seems to be a little less shit. so make sure to see people who know you and know exactly how to treat you.

could she be more perfect?

it’s going to be ok – I promise. so just take your time to feel better and be patient. I like to look through old vacation photos or if you’re already married watch back your wedding video or photos – they always cheer me up!

and what I realized while writing this post: write your thoughts down – this really helped me see everything from a different angle and I already feel a lot better!

I will write new blogposts with my happy attitude soon – but just not for now – and that’s totally fine! HAVE A GOOD DAY – YOU’RE WORTH IT!

Maruschka x

autumnal make-up look ¦ Gerda Spillmann

we had the most beautiful summer ever and I really enjoyed it but I’m now at the stage where I can’t wait for autumn to come. by now you guys will know how much I love autumn and everything that comes with it.


so I decided to start autumn early this year by creating this autumnal make-up look and wearing a beautiful cozy jumper (that was WAY too hot for the shooting day).

the base of my make-up look is by a brand called Gerda Spillmann which is a Swiss company based in Bern. I’ve only known this brand for a couple of months and I am already in love with it.



I started by using the Hydro Pearls Primer to moisturize my skin and prepare it for the cream make-up to last longer and look natural. The Bio-Fond foundation comes in seven tones, feels lovely on your skin and gives you a nice coverage without looking too painted. I use the shade Parline 01 and this one is perfect for me.




I then used my trusty Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer under my eyes and to cover any blemishes or spots and set this with the Perfect Matte Loose Powder from Gerda Spillmann. It gives you a nice matte finish and makes your make-up last even longer. I love the texture of it and the smell is just delightful.



to bronze my face I use the Hoola Bronzer from Benefit as I do always – because why starting something new, when the oldies are just goldies? to give my face kind of a contour finish I use the Highlight & Contour Pro Palette from NYX and I actually really liked it. it was the first time I tried it out and I was quite impressed by the shades of the countour powders – they are very pigmented and matte what I love! I didn’t use the highlighters because I wanted to give the La Vie en Glow Palette from L’Oréal a go.



I shaped my brows with a spoolie and shaded them with the brow tint from MAC Cosmetics. for my eyes I went for the Zoeva Voyager Matte Palette; this is >so< beautiful and easy to use! It includes six autumnal earth tones and they are super pigmented and very flattering. I used „urban culture“ as a transition shade, „across the street“ to cover my mobile lid and „lonely city“ in my outer corners and just under my eyes. I’m currently testing some new Mascaras (blogpost about these is coming soon) > in this make-up look I used the Paradise Extatic from L’Oréal and I’m pretty impressed – so this could be a new favourite – I’ll let you know.




for my lips I tried out quite a few lipshades but I wanted it to be really dark and autumnal so I went for the Bronx Colors Matte Lip Tint in the shade 02 (there is no name on it). this one is really longwearing but I have to say it doesn’t feel very good on your lips > it’s quite dry. but I loved the look and how long it lasted – so that’s definitely a plus.



my cozy off-shoulder pullover is a current purchase from H&M and I blimmin love it! it’s so autumnal but not to warm for nice days in early autumn.
for the photos I went to my aunties garden and picked some figs – I’m already excited to make jam or mustard or even bake a yummie cake with them.

and this is me posing like a pro (why has no one ever booked me for a job?!):



what are you most excited for in autumn? I’d love to hear from you ❤

Maruschka x


all the products I used are products I genuiley love – I would never write about gifted products I don’t like. this blogpost is not sponsored, Gerda Spillmann kindly sent me the above mentioned products.


heatwave delirium

when I started this blog almost 8 months ago my goal was it to keep it free from any kind of untruth, always be honest with my readers and upload once in a week – every Monday. as you may know Switzerland has a massive heatwave at the moment AND WE STRUGGLE. our country and it’s buildings are not reeeeeally built for this heat and people are not used to it.


don’t get me wrong – I absoutely adore this kind of summer – but I just love it more when I’m on vacation and don’t have to work 5 days a week… alright to get to the point with the honesty: last week I was way too hot to think about any good content for my blog. I started writing some articles about nice make-up products or some cute dresses, but I just didn’t like the things I wrote and to be honest I didn’t wear make-up (except from a little bit mascara) for quite a long time now and wasn’t really in the mood to shoot with make-up that melts away…



so yesterday I was quite stressed about todays blogpost  and I even took my camera and some new beauty products with me to the lake – AGAIN it was way too hot to even think about shooting. so I decided to chill in the lake, keep my delirious mind peaceful and just enjoy the day with my family and friends.



and these are my asos top picks for a nice summer day at the beach:

what are your beach day essentials? let me know – I’d love to hear from you ❤

Maruschka x

July Favourites

mamma mia – here we go again! lately I’ve been in the cinema to watch Mamma Mia and I really liked it. but ever since then I can’t get these songs, especially Mamma Mia, out of my head! anyway – here we go again with the monthly favourites (and while I’m writing this, I’m listenting to the soundtrack of Mamma Mia – obviously).

I really liked this photo because it shows how happy I am when it’s warm and sunny.        therefore I  wanted to post it anyway, even though it’s a bit blurry.

this post is mainly about beauty products but – first things first – let me start with something food related. recently I’ve been enjoying to watch baking videos and I wanted to share my most loved YouTube channels for this: Preppy Kitchen, Cupcake Jemma and Katie Pix. They’re absolutely great in very different ways and styles – but I love all of them. it’s definitely worth to subscribe – they share amazing recipes and tips for baking and cooking quite frequently.


moving to beauty… there have been a LOT of products I recently loved. let me show you some of them:


the „pretty in the USA-Palette“ from benefit is just amazing! the hoola bronzer has the perfect colour to get that bronzed summer look, the rockateur blush is very lovely to give you the most beautiful shimmer on your cheeks and the dandelion twinkle highlighter is super soft and nice.


the palette even comes with the goof proof brow pencil which I’ve always loved. the powders are all full-sized and the mirror has a perfect size aswell.

IMG_9797 neu


fashion wise I find it quite easy in summer: I just put a dress, sunnies and some cute sandals or flip-flops on and that is basically it. my favourite dress this year is definitely this midi linen dress from Pull & Bear. it comes in a good variety of colours – I wanted to catch’em all – and I did.


the one I wear in the photos comes in a beautiful kind of orange colour with brown buttons. it fits perfectly and feels so light and comfy. I topped it off with my Zara hairband (similar one) in these lovely summer colours, the most beautiful Zara sunnies (similar ones) and some simple flip-flops from our Bali honeymoon.


this one I just recently discovered… it’s the Nivea dry shampoo! it’s easy to use, smells delicious and works SO GOOD! this is one of the first dry shampoos that really worked for me. my hair looks absolutely great after the use of this! it comes in three different types for light, medium and dark hair. everyone smells different but work the same.



another beauty-favourite definitely is the BACKTALK palette from Urban Decay. I’m a big fan of Urban Decay, always was and always will be. the eyeshadows are nicely pigmented as always and have the most flattering colours. you can use them for a simple day look or go darker and use them for a beautiful night-out make up.


the blushes and highlighters are stunning! in summer I especially love the peachy highlighter (low key) because with a peachy lip it gives you a cute natural look.


there are SO MANY other brands and products I really liked lately – but I’m gonna show you more next month. do you want me to show you a full face make-up?

let me know – I’d love to hear from you ❤

Maruschka x

oh and this is me stepping on a f*cking sharp rock – I love this photo :‘)


This blogpost is not sponsored – all of the products have been purchased.





wedding impressions ¦ may the fourth

I have something to admit: I am football obsessed! and as the worldcup is taking place right now and I work in an architectures office Monday to Friday AND wanna watch every single match, time is flying by and I’m trying hard to write my blogposts and upload them on time. so in this blogpost you’ll find quite a lot of photos and a little less text than usual…




as a lot of you asked for more wedding photos I thought it would be a good time now to show you some impressions from our wedding day; 05/04/2018.





we were so lucky with the weather – it chucked it down with rain the days before the wedding, so I was quite worried about OUR day… the wedding reception was planned to be outside in the inner ward close to the church and I wanted to take photos of us in there aswell – so it took a load off my mind when I saw the sun rising on our weddingday.





thank you to all of our family and friends who made this day so special: we enjoyed an absolutely amazing day, ate the most delicious italian food ever, drank delightful wine and danced to the most beautiful songs.










Maruschka x

the summer dress of dreams ¦ Zara

there is definitely something about a dress with pockets, isn’t it? therefore I was so happy when I found this jumpsuit dress in Zara.


it’s the most comfortable and flattering dress – and there are loads of occasions to wear it and endless possibilities to style it.


as I am kind of a lazy person (yeeeeh kind of…) I couldn’t be bothered to wear a lot of accessories so I decided to just put on a pair of sunnies and to take the bag from the hotel room.



this dress is dreamy and I can’t wait for the weather in Switzerland to be warm enough to wear it all summer long!

shop my look (and the accessories I’d put on if I wasn’t so lazy) via the links below:

jumsuit dress from Zara
sunnies from Urban Outfitters
straw beach bag from asos (similar one)
fan earrings from asos
heeled sandals from asos



this blogpost is not sponsored all the items mentioned above are purchased.