wedding impressions ¦ may the fourth

I have something to admit: I am football obsessed! and as the worldcup is taking place right now and I work in an architectures office Monday to Friday AND wanna watch every single match, time is flying by and I’m trying hard to write my blogposts and upload them on time. so in this blogpost„wedding impressions ¦ may the fourth“ weiterlesen

the summer dress of dreams ¦ Zara

there is definitely something about a dress with pockets, isn’t it? therefore I was so happy when I found this jumpsuit dress in Zara. it’s the most comfortable and flattering dress – and there are loads of occasions to wear it and endless possibilities to style it. as I am kind of a lazy person„the summer dress of dreams ¦ Zara“ weiterlesen

what’s in my bag

I’m handbag addicted. this is how my husband would start this blogpost about me and my bags. I wouldn’t say it like this, I’d rather start like „I truly love the different shapes, styles and colours of bags“ – what, to be honest, means exactly the same but in a much nicer way to say…„what’s in my bag“ weiterlesen

get to know me ¦ 18 facts about me

it’s already 5 months since I started my blog – I can’t actually believe it! so I felt like it was time to tell you a bit more about the person behind the food, fashion and beauty posts. my blog started at the beginning of 2018 – so here are 18 facts about me: I„get to know me ¦ 18 facts about me“ weiterlesen

this years favourites – so far!

I can’t believe it’s already April… this year is flying by like CRAZY! maybe that’s why it’s my first „favourites post“ this year (I know this is a >very< bad excuse – but hey I tried). actually I discovered a LOT of nice stuff this year but I just couldn’t find the time to write„this years favourites – so far!“ weiterlesen

Spring, we need you NOW!

EDIT 1: Funny how I wrote this post more than a week ago and almost thought it would be to late to share it because spring has already arrived – I’m now writing an edit because it’s freezing 2°C outside and I’m a little bit worried if we can shoot the photos for this post„Spring, we need you NOW!“ weiterlesen

the bracelet I like

a little while ago I would have never thought of writing a blogpost about bracelets. why? it’s simple: I just never wore them! working in an architectures office means a bloooody lot of desk time – don’t get me wrong, I really like my job and the creativity of being a part time blogger is„the bracelet I like“ weiterlesen

december favourites

I’m a bit late to the party – I know. but I didn’t wanna miss the chance to show you guys some of my favourite bits and bobs from december. for me there’s no better month than december – fairy lights, mulled wine, christmas trees and happy  people everywhere ❤ this year I enjoyed december„december favourites“ weiterlesen

november favourites

I am absolutely in LOOOOVE with autumn – every year I fall for it again. what I love most about it is that you can start to wear your favourite jumpers (and yes I do have a new favourite jumper every.single.year.again), eat the most delicious apple cakes and drink hot chocolates for no special reason.„november favourites“ weiterlesen


This is my first blog entry and I’m so excited! This website is all about food, fashion and beauty. I’m beyond happy to have made the decision to start my own blog and I’m already looking forward to read your comments and meet people with the same interests! Some facts about me: I’m Maruscka Rossi,„Hello!“ weiterlesen