get to know me ¦ 18 facts about me

it’s already 5 months since I started my blog – I can’t actually believe it! so I felt like it was time to tell you a bit more about the person behind the food, fashion and beauty posts. my blog started at the beginning of 2018 – so here are 18 facts about me:

  1. I can’t sit still – I need to sing, dance or talk all . the . time
  2. I’m an early bird – I usually go to work around 6am and am perfectly fine with it. but at 10pm I can hardly speak properly because I’m so frekkin tired
  3. I love baking and cooking so much, my co-workers already complained about the amount of food I bring them to work
  4. every time I do my make-up, especially my concealer, I sing „Let it go“ from the film „Frozen“. it’s just because of the lyrics „conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them know…“. and by every time I mean every . single . timeIMG_9044-01
  5. I like to have a lie-down before going to bed in the evening. this makes me feel relaxed and helps me to fall asleep very quickly
  6. I’m 3/4 swiss and 1/4 spain – but because of my hair and skin colour many people think I’m from Scandinavia
  7. I love brownies – in every possible variation
  8. my favourite character from Star Wars is R2-D2 – he’s so effing cute, isn’t he? I know it’s an „it“ but…IMG_9022-01IMG_9021-01
  9. as everyone keeps asking: my natural haircolour is blonde – on every photo on this blog my hair is natural with no colour
  10. I speak four languages: german, french, english and a little italian. I’d love to speak spanish, as my grandma grew up in Spain
  11. I’m the definition of being impatient – there is nothing I detest more than waiting
  12. I love taking a bath – even in summer I really enjoy itIMG_9009-01
  13. I don’t drink schnapps or hard liquor – with the little exeption of mojitos. but I do actually prefer a virgin mojito
  14. I hardly listen to swiss music but nevertheless my favourite song is a swiss song called W.Nuss vo Bümpliz. I love this song ever since I remember and mostly because of the orchestra like music
  15. I’m kind of obsessed with Coke Zero. I tried to stop drinking it (for health reasons) like a 100 times but it never worked out
  16. I LOVE christmas: from October to the beginning of January our house looks like Santa’s factoryIMG_9047-01
  17. I have this thing with stars in the sky – the infinity of the universe fascinates and scares me at the same time
  18. I’m always thinking about starting my own YouTube channel but I just don’t think I’m confident enough…


This is it – this is me!
are you curious about anything I didn’t mention above – I’d love to hear from you ❤

Maruschka x


this years favourites – so far!

I can’t believe it’s already April… this year is flying by like CRAZY! maybe that’s why it’s my first „favourites post“ this year (I know this is a >very< bad excuse – but hey I tried).

actually I discovered a LOT of nice stuff this year but I just couldn’t find the time to write about it and neither could I decide which ones to mention in a post. so I resolved to only feature a few items and make another favourites post (hopefully) once a month.



in this first favourites post I’m going to show you my fashion and beauty top choices – my food picks will be mentioned in a future post!

first things first: JOANIE CLOTHING! it’s a new and unique womenswear brand with fun, flirtation and femininity at its heart. I bloody love it! the colours, the shapes, the fit – it’s just amazing. they sell dresses, shirts, jumpers, glasses, bags etc. etc. and what I like most about this brand is that you can purchase these goodies from size 8 to 22 – lovely!



I ordered a bunch of stuff but my favourite items are the robot stripe top, the rattan basket bag and the Viola Gingham off-the-shoulder top. these were absolute bargains and the quality is amazing.

another one of my favourites so far is definitely the Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette. the colours of this palette are INSANE: amber-hued neutrals – including warm browns, burnt oranges and rich siennas. From a super-smooth red-brown matte and a glimmering copper to a deep, shifty bronze, this palette has everything you need to create sultry daytime looks, intensely smoky nighttime looks and everything in between. my favourite shades are en fuego, ashes and dirty talk – these are the ones I mainly used for this look.


I know, with CHF 65.- (54£) this palette seems a bit pricy – but you get 12 highly pigmented, beautiful shades so it’s actually only CHF 5.40 (4.50£) per colour. in my opintion it’s worth it – they last for a >very< long time and look stunning.



lastly I wanted to show you something you shouldn’t miss out! the StylPro makeup brush cleaner & dryer – this is BRILLIANT. I am honestly shattered that I didn’t know about this for this long because now I couldn’t live without it!



it works with high-tech centrifugal spin technology to give your favourite brushes the equivalent of a trip to the dry cleaners, it leaves them completely dry so you can use them in seconds. I was really amazed by how fast this works and how good the result is. my brush collection only contains Real Techniques brushes – and because of the eight flexible silicone collars they’re all suitable for this cleaner!


have you got some new favourites this year so far? I’d love to hear from you ❤

Maruschka x


Spring, we need you NOW!

EDIT 1: Funny how I wrote this post more than a week ago and almost thought it would be to late to share it because spring has already arrived – I’m now writing an edit because it’s freezing 2°C outside and I’m a little bit worried if we can shoot the photos for this post without freeze to death…

EDIT 2: ok we’re all good – it’s now sunny and kinda warm outside! I’m not going to die in the cold…

I guess at this point we are ALL ready for spring! the mornings getting brighter, the birds twittering out loud, the air smelling all fresh – every year I fall in love again.


I fall in love with my fiancé, smiling people on the street, kids who run all over the field enjoying their lifes as never before, flowers blooming everywhere and mostly I fall in love with cute spring outfits in all the bright colours and lovely shapes.


this year in January I felt like I needed spring as soon as possible and my first intuition was to order a bunch of light, colourful dresses on ASOS. I had in mind, that we’ll be on our honeymoon in May and I needed some cute outfits for Bali.


so there was this wonderful coloured midi dress on asos – I >instantly< fell in love! the pastel tones are perfect for a candle light dinner at the beach and I can already imagine wearing it with some simple heels. it’s actually an ASOS TALL dress – with 166cm I am definitely not a tall girl – but it fits me perfectly well.



you don’t always need something spectacular to look good – this cute mini smock sundress with tie straps is the proof! it’s super simple but >very< cute. I see myself wearing it for a nice walk on the beach, barefoot or with flat sandals, sunnies and a headscarf wrapped around my messy bun.




last but by no means least – another one of my faves: the floral! I love a nice floral dress for spring, summer and even autumn! this off-shoulder midi dress with a lovely sunflower print is my idea of a perfect spring dress. it’s super flattering, has some nice little details and feels SO good on! I’m definitely gonna wear this for a trip to some rice fields with a straw hat, sunnies and my white converse – comfy and stylish – that’s a crystal clear YES!



I can’t wait for our honeymoon to happen soon – BALI I’m so ready for you!

Do you have any favourite clothing items for spring? I’d love to hear from you ❤

Maruschka x


This blogpost is not sponsored or gifted.



the bracelet I like

a little while ago I would have never thought of writing a blogpost about bracelets. why? it’s simple: I just never wore them! working in an architectures office means a bloooody lot of desk time – don’t get me wrong, I really like my job and the creativity of being a part time blogger is the perfect way to find my balance (even though I’m now writing this blogpost in my office at home…). now – to get to the point; I didn’t like bracelets because they bothered me while tiping or working on stuff!

lucky me: PURELEI sent me some looooovely bracelets ❤

purelei 1

it’s the softest material – they feel more like a thin scrunchy and don’t bother you at ALL! PURELEI sells them in more colours and shapes than you could ever want. personally I like to wear a big one with a slimmer plain one – but there are no rules and endless opportunities.

purelei 2

go check them out! if you find THE ONE for you buy it with a 15% discount by using the code „MARUSCHKAROSSI15“.

purelei 3

tell me whats your favourite. I’d love to hear from you ❤

Maruschka x

december favourites

I’m a bit late to the party – I know. but I didn’t wanna miss the chance to show you guys some of my favourite bits and bobs from december.

for me there’s no better month than december – fairy lights, mulled wine, christmas trees and happy  people everywhere ❤

this year I enjoyed december like never before because I already bought (most of) my christmas presents in november – so I could spend this month with buying a huge christmas tree, decorate the house, meet some old friends, enjoy delicious food, read a book in front of the chimney and pamper myself.

so I had a lot of time to find a good selection of beautiful products for my monthly favourites post.

let’s start with some beauty essentials! the enhanced eye set from Real Techniques has every brush you need to create any eye look: medium shadow brush, essential crease brush, fine liner brush, shading brush, lash separator and a brush cup that keeps your  brushes organized on your counter.


my personal favourite definitely is the essential crease brush! I like to use a slightly darker colour to emphasize the socket, I just let the brush go back and forth and as Sam & Nic always say „let the brush do the work“ and yes >it clearly does<


the other brushes are amazing aswell and ever since I treated myself with them, there was no day I didn’t use at least one of them. the only thing that didn’t really convice me was the lash separator… the separator sticks are made of metal and this feels quite rough. all in all the enhanced eye set is absolutely a must have for all the makeup lovers out there.

going to my fashion treasure… early december I tried to find the perfect boots for the annual office christmasparty and scrolled trough the Zalando website with no clue what I really wanted. then I saw them and I >loved< them!


the Tom Tailor boots with a glittery sequin heel are the most comfortable boots I have ever had the pleasure to wear! the heel is doubtless the highlight of the shoe but the faux leather look is very decent aswell. as I already said it fits perfectly, is super comfy and grades up every casual outfit – so no surprise I bought them straight away.

now last, but by no means least: I found my ultimate cookbook love of the year! although I only recived this book as a christmas gift I already cooked about ten or even more recipes! it’s the Jamie Oliver 5 INGREDIENTS.


there are loooads of easy recipes in there and every single one I already tried was truly delicious. the book comes with the following chapters: salads, pasta, eggs, chicken, fish, veg, beef, pork, lamb, rice & noodles and sweet treats so every taste will find the perfect recipe! what’s mostly satisfying is: you can find most of the ingredients in your local supermarket and you don’t have to stress your way trough the city to find any super specific things.


so as you could tell: this book is going to be my daily helper in the kitchen and I can’t wait to try out more – thank you Jamie!

did you discover something you love in december? tell me more about your favourites! I’d love to hear from you ❤

Maruschka x








november favourites

I am absolutely in LOOOOVE with autumn – every year I fall for it again. what I love most about it is that you can start to wear your favourite jumpers (and yes I do have a new favourite jumper every.single.year.again), eat the most delicious apple cakes and drink hot chocolates for no special reason. this year I wanted to share my favourite bits and bobs with you guys.

it was freeeeaking hard to select the best to write about in my blog and I wanted it to be a good selection of different things.

autumn for me is always the start of using a teeny tiny bit more makeup to keep my (very sparely) tanned face quite a bit longer golden and bronzed. so I decided it was definitely the best choice to start with the makeup utensils I adore at the moment.

Tanya Burr is one of my fave bloggers/youtubers and so is her new makeup collection. the colours are AAAmazing and they stays on all day long! I bought loads of things from the christmas and the selfie collection, but I’m only going to talk about the bits I used almost ever day since they arrived with the post.

the season to sparkle palette is gorgeous! I know the season to sparkle seems to be christmas – but honestly, it’s NEVER (and by never I mean absolutely NEVER) too early to start A.) chirstmas decorations and B.) christmassy colours in makeup. so I used the season to sparkle palette so so many times in the last few days, because it’s simply amazing. it contains a creamy eye shadow stick in a light colour, a liquid highlighter, a super cute nude lipgloss, two beautiful glimmery eye shadow colours and one matte one.

season to sparkle

I used the lightest eye shadow for the whole lid, the medium one to contour the outer corner and the darkest one under the eye to give it a bit of a -smokey eye- touch. when I’m a little lazy I only put on the light eye shadow stick and it looks just adorable!

the liquid highlighter is quite golden but has a nice shimmer and doesn’t look too shiny for the day – I love it! last but by no means least: the lip gloss: it is good pigmented and doesn’t stick, so that’s fine. i like to use it with another colour like a light burgundy or a cute brown tone.


all in all: altough I don’t really like the packaging of the pallette (it kinda looks like a cheap supermarket palette), Tanya Burr’s season to sparkle is going to be my autumn/winter and early spring time favourite – i can feel it!!!

let’s get to my clothing fave… since I’m back from the USA the weather has become a lot cooler and I have lived in this jacket!!! it is warm cosy and -oh so beautiful-


it has a masculin cut but fits perfectly well – and because it’s quite long it always keeps you warm and kind of let’s you feel like Sherlock Holmes, and who on earth doesn’t want to feel like Sherlock? Well, I definitely do!


you can combine this jacket with everything in your closet – it still looks amazing and attracts all the attention! I like to wear it with brown or black ankle boots and my baker-boy hat from OVS.


my outfit:
bakerboy hat: OVS
coat: bershka
scarf: vero moda
trousers: levis
boots: tom taylor

lastly I wanted to share the most delicious recipe with you! one lazy evening i decided to make a -kind of- healthy peanutbutter – i just gave a bunch of peanuts in my Philips food processor and mixed until I got the texture I wanted. it was DELICIOUS and without any naughty additions (like sugars etc.) BUT I didn’t really know what to do with it hahahaha

so I thought i’d make something tasty to munch while watching the oldest episodes of FRIENDS.  I feel like you can never really go wrong with cookies as they look, smell and taste amazing!


you will need:

3/4 cup butter softened
3/4 cup sugar
1 cup brown sugar
1 cup peanut butter
2 large eggs
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 1/2 cups milk chocolate chips

preheat the oven to 180°C
mix the butter, sugars, peanut butter, eggs and vanilla together until combined.
add in the flour, soda, and salt in and mix until just combined then fold in chocolate chips.
using an ice cream scoop, scoop the dough onto ungreased cookie sheets. (6 per sheet, these will be large, thick cookies!) use your hand and slightly flatten each scoop of dough.
bake for approx 12-14 minutes, until they’re golden.
makes approx. 18 cookies.


these are my november favourites and not gonna lie; I’ll probably go with them until the end of winter next year – but they’re definitely worth it!

what are your favourites for autumn and early winter? is there anything you can’t live without in this season? I’d love to hear from you ❤






This is my first blog entry and I’m so excited! This website is all about food, fashion and beauty. I’m beyond happy to have made the decision to start my own blog and I’m already looking forward to read your comments and meet people with the same interests!

Some facts about me: I’m Maruscka Rossi, a 25-year old woman from Switzerland working in an architecture office. Together with my fiancé I live in an apartment full of Star Wars and Marvel artefacts and also lots of Zoella and Tanya Burr Products! I’m literally obsessed with these two ladies and Poppy Deyes is such an inspiration as well! I like to spend time with my family and friends.

With this blog as a part time activity I hope for more creativity in my life! I am really excited for this journey.

Lots of love,

Maruschka x