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I’ve always been a sucker for a good manicure – ask my sister. after the manicure I’d send her a photo of me > aka my nails < in every situation. I just can’t help myself hahahaha. here’s an example of photos:

unluckily getting your nails done can be quite expensive, especially when you live in Switzerland: CHF 80.- for shellac that lasts for approx. 2 weeks is just way to much!

long story short: I tested different ways of ‚doing my nails‘ and here are my conclusions:

Miss Sophie Nail Wraps
with about CHF 18.- for one set of Nail Wraps this is the most expensive one at first sight. but the price can be relativized, because a set can be used up to three times > a sheet of 24 Nail Wraps contains seven different sizes from which you can choose the appropriate size for your nail. I just used one wrap and cut it in half, that worked perfectly for two fingers of the same size.

what I really liked about it was the amount of different designs that are available online. however… they don’t look right the same in real life and that’s what bothered me a bit. I ordered 5 different types and some are way brighter and some way darker than online – still pretty, just different.

it was quite easy to apply them: just clean the nail, remove the cuticles, choose size and stick it on. BUT it takes quuiiite a while to file them and of course your natural nail shape stays just like that.

I absolutely loved the sealing top coat > I chose the mat one and YES they are beautifuly mat after that – so that’s perfect.

one thing I didn’t like at all with these nail wraps was how easily the back of the foil came off. it’s just a tiny bit and the other part of the foil won’t come off either but I got stuck in my hair when I ran my hand through it and that stressed me out a lot! plus they only last for about 4 days and I definitely hoped for more.

all in all I feel like it’s only worth the money and time if you like special designs on your nails. they do really lovely designs but I’m more of a ‚monochrom-kind-of-girl‘ so that didn’t quite work out for me – I’d give them 5 out of 10 stars. ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

imPRESS Nails by KISS ¦ *gifted by Herba Collection
I’ve never been a fake nail person… but as my mum works with such products she made me curious about the imPRESS Nails by Kiss. so I got in touch with Herba Collection and they kindly gifted me some of their collection > you can get them on www.clickandbeauty.ch

what I liked most about it was how flippin easy it was to apply them! clean your nails, pop them on – DONE! they were a bit too long for my taste so I just filed them a little. even if you don’t like the shape of it – just do it your way – that’s brilliant! but wait until about 1 hour after initial application in order to give the imPRESS nails time to fully bond with your natural nails.

it says that they last from 5 days to a full week > I’ve had mine on for 12 days and they still looked good (apart from the nail grewing out a bit – but that’s not their problem). so that’s definitely a success.

imPRESS nails are made with a high-performance resin material that’s flexible, like your natural nails. a slim tapered cuticle creates a weightless contoured fit, resulting in the most seamless natural look > I never got stuck in my hair or anywhere else, which is perfect!

each imPRESS Manicure kit includes 30 nails in 12 sizes, so you won’t need all of them. you might be able to use some of them with another manicure. try buying a pattern that complements a color and mix the leftovers together for a unique manicure.

removing the nails is just as easy as applying them: you gently peel off from the side to remove. if the nails seem really ’stuck‘, apply acetone nail polish remover around edges, wait 1 minute, then peel off. you can use the enclosed wood stick to help lift the imPRESS nail at the sides. however, I feel like my natural nails were a bit ‚dry‘ after I’ve removed the imPRESS ones – so I just put some nail oil on and then they were completely fine.

my overall imPRESSion (pun intended) is definitely positive! they’re easy to apply, feel super natural, look amazing and your nails won’t be damaged from it. they’re definitely a bit more on the pricey side with about CHF 10.00 – 15.00 (they’re CHF 11.50 if you order them @ www.clickandbeauty.ch) but in my opinion it’s worth it. I’d give them 8 out of 10 ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

I’ve also thought about mentioning just ’normal‘ nail polish here… but I think we’ve all been there with various brands: they look great on the first few minutes – then you don’t let them dry enough – they don’t look great – you get annoyed – you do them all over – same thing happens – maybe not – they last for 2 days – they look shite – you don’t remove the polish for another few days – you get ashamed – you finally take it off – you’ve got your nail polish all over your hands – you’re annoyed again – you forget about it the next time and do it anyway.

how do you get your nails done? I’d love to hear from you ❤

Maruschka x


always KISS me goodnight ¦ Herba Collection

lately a friend of mine asked me „so now you’re full-time mom, what are you up to all day long? watching tv?“. the questioner wasn’t a parent and, I don’t wanna insult anyone, but it was a male. to be completely honest, first I was a little pissed about this question. I mean… HONESTLY? but then I indulged him – he just didn’t know any better. so I explained what I’m really up to: giving the baby a feed every 3 hours, changing nappies when needed, inventing new games to keep the baby entertained, cleaning the house, doing the groceries, doing the laundry, writing blogposts, shooting photos, testing new recipes for future blogposts, cooking dinner, giving the baby a bath, going for a walk with the little one etc. etc. etc.

IMG_0944-2 - Kopie - Kopie

to be fair – before I was a mom I actually thought it would be much less time consuming… but cleaning the bath without a baby takes about 30 minutes > cleaning a bath -with- a baby takes me about 1.5 hours: you just can’t finish your task without interruption. all in all: a day in a life of a mom or dad is much more exhausting than a „non-parent“ could imagine.

IMG_0953-2 - Kopie - KopieIMG_0958-2 - Kopie - Kopie

therefore I allow myself to have a little pamper session from time to time. in the evening my husband takes care of the baby and first I take a looong shower or a relaxing bath. I wash my hair, give my body a nice scrub (read about my fave body scrub here) and just take some time to let my mind run free. after that I love to pamper myself with a facemask – I tried a LOT of them – but by far my favourites are the KISS Wash-off / Peel-off masks. I like both of them and love to switch weekly because of the different benefits the two masks give my skin.

IMG_1168 - KopieIMG_1201

the tightening 24K Gold Peel-off mask is gorgeous! it consists of honey, lavender oil and is enriched with a gold content, which moisturizes the skin. it removes impurities, detoxifies, tightens the skin and leaves it looking younger. I blooming love how easy it is to peel it off without leaving any residues.

the detoxifying charcoal wash-off mask deeply removes impurities of your skin and moisturizes it lovely. it’s super easy to wash off and leaves your skin glowing!

IMG_1188 - KopieIMG_1172 - Kopie

while my facemask does it’s job I like to throw my feet in another fave of mine: the foot & toenail mask socks! they are absolutely brilliant! in summer my feet tend to be a bit dry and rough because I usually only wear sandals and flipflops – but with these mask socks they get soft and moisturized in minutes > WINNER!

IMG_0938-2 - Kopie - KopieIMG_0967-2 - Kopie - Kopie

to let my face and foot mask soak in it takes about 15-20 minutes – in this time I lay down in my comfy bed, read a book or just have a little nap before the craziness starts all over.

IMG_1165 - Kopie - Kopie

KISS also has some great sheet masks  – if you fancy one, go check them out: ClickandBeauty

what do you do to calm down after a stressful day? I’d love to hear from you ❤

Maruschka x


this blogpost is not sponsored, Herba Collection kindly gifted the Kiss products.

my lush experience

the ones of you who follow me on Instagram (@maruschkarossi) will know, that I am a Lush addict! after a hard day of work there’s nothing that I enjoy more than a beautiful loooong „me-time“ in the bath – and the fragrances and colours of Lush products are just INSANE ❤

I got in contact with the lovely members of Lush Switzerland and was one happy chicken when they invited me in their store to get the ultimate lush experience!

the gorgeous Kamalia gave me the most amazing VIP tour and told me more about all the products. I was reeeally impressed by her – I’m terrible in remembering things – she was absolutely amazing! every product has it’s own story and she fabled these stories sooo good ❤


as I already mentioned – I’m a mess in remembering things – but I really wanted to show you my all time favourite products from Lush. btw > this post is not sponsored by Lush,  but they kindly offered me some products.

I obviously have to start with bathbombs! in fact I never ever tried a Lush bathbomb I didn’t like, but my recent fave is „tisty tosty“. the scent is absolutely amazing and the shape very lovely. seven rosebuds burst from the spellbinding pink heart as you breathe in Sicilian lemon oil, geranium and sensual jasmine – truly amazing!


the second product is one I only started using by the beginning of this year – but it’s definitely one of Lush’s treasures! the hot oil treatments are unquestionably going to be part of my hair routine. with extra virgin olive oil to increase tensile strength and almond and avocado oils to deeply moisturize, your hair will be ready for whatever you have planned for it next. Guar gum reduces static and vanilla absolute lightly perfumes locks for irresistibly touchable hair.



last but by no means least: the charity pot. as an official Lush addict I can hardly believe I did not know about this beforehand! the charity pot is a hand and body lotion with a difference. 100% of the proceeds (minus sales tax, which goes to the government) are donated to independent, grassroots charities that support human rights, animal welfare and environmental protection. just the fact that they support diverse charities is absolutely amazing – but the lotion is perfect as well! after only a few times of using it my skin felt very smooth, soft and smelt gooooorgeous. it’s a win-win!


all in all I was surprised how many products I didn’t even know! Lush is definitely more than bathbombs and soaps – it’s a company that cares about animals, people in need and about the environment itself > I am charmed ❤

what are your favourite products? I’d love to hear from you ❤

Maruschka x