summer breakfast ideas ¦ alver

YES – summer you gorgeous lad, you’re finally back! astronomically speaking today is the first day of summer and this makes me so happy I wanna cry. I love the warm summer nights, to swim in our nearby lake, eat gelato with no excuses and drink some iced mocktails or even a cheeky lil cocktail.„summer breakfast ideas ¦ alver“ weiterlesen

my favourite breakfast spots in London

a few weeks ago my sister and I went to London for a little vacation – we’ve been there quite a few times, so there was no need to see all the „touristy things“ in London. we went shopping, walked through parks, visited museums, went to Brighton and most of all we enjoyed some delicious„my favourite breakfast spots in London“ weiterlesen

that’s what you get for waking up in vegas

my soon-to-be-husband and me spent the whole october travelling down the US west coast including some national parks and of course stunning LAS VEGAS! it was our first time in Las Vegas and we were soooo excited (to see the city AND to stay in a proper hotel room after staying three weeks in a„that’s what you get for waking up in vegas“ weiterlesen