my autumn fashion wishlist

hiya! it’s that time again… you know I really love summer but every year there’s always a point where I’m a little more excited for autumn coming round than summer to last a little longer – and this point is exactly >now<. we actually had a pretty amazing summer with really hot temperatures and lovely„my autumn fashion wishlist“ weiterlesen

she’s mental: Episode 2

first of all I wanna say a massive THANK YOU to all your lovely feedback to my latest „she’s mental“ episode – I really appreciate it and it makes me so happy to see that the pilot as well as episode 1 did help some of you! in this weeks episode I wanna talk about„she’s mental: Episode 2“ weiterlesen

she’s mental: Episode 1

here I am, sitting on my sofa with no freaking idea how to write this… it’s been quite a while since my last blogpost and I kind of have the „blogging fear“. it’s been too long and  my expectations on myself are too high. a couple of weeks ago I wrote a blogpost about my„she’s mental: Episode 1“ weiterlesen

the summer dress of dreams ¦ Zara

there is definitely something about a dress with pockets, isn’t it? therefore I was so happy when I found this jumpsuit dress in Zara. it’s the most comfortable and flattering dress – and there are loads of occasions to wear it and endless possibilities to style it. as I am kind of a lazy person„the summer dress of dreams ¦ Zara“ weiterlesen

Spring, we need you NOW!

EDIT 1: Funny how I wrote this post more than a week ago and almost thought it would be to late to share it because spring has already arrived – I’m now writing an edit because it’s freezing 2°C outside and I’m a little bit worried if we can shoot the photos for this post„Spring, we need you NOW!“ weiterlesen